Niah's update -2

His operation only took about 1.5 hours. 

While he was at the vet, I went for walk with Koto at the new reservoir park. 
It was really nice park and we enjoyed walking by the water -  the best thing was there was no body there :) 

I was somewhat scared of snake because it was such a hot day and this spot was perfect condition for snake.. so only walked in a flat/ easy to see grass area and concrete. 

When I picked Niah up, he was still on strong drug and looked like drunk! 
All done, he is now only needs to recover. 

He can do nothing for 2 weeks, only stay on lead, short walk only. 
then starting mild rehab from week3, start proper rehab from week 6. By the end of February, he can start running and build muscle again. 

 If everything goes well, Malcolm thinks he will be more than ready for Nationals in May next year! 

ニアの治療は1時間半くらいで終わりました。麻酔も意識はあるものの、痛みがない軽い麻酔。手術の1時間の間は琴と一緒に近くにできたリザボアーパークへ散歩へ いきました。
とても奇麗な公園で誰も居ない公園を琴と一緒にゆっくり散歩できたのは楽しかったんだけど、最近ついてないし、この日は暑かったし、山、水のちかくはベビが多いので もしかしたら 琴が蛇にかまれるんじゃないかと心配になったので見渡しのいい芝生とコンクリートの上だけの散歩にしておきました!

3週目からは軽いリハビリ、6週目からは本格的なリハビリを始めます。年末年始のキャンプにも連れて行っていいそうで、うまく行けば2月下旬くらいからは走る事もできるようになるそうです!来年5月のナショナルチャンピオンシップにも間に合いそう :)

Niah update

And how is Niah's toe?
After 4 weeks of lazer therapy, (only 5min but twice a week) we had another check up with Malcolm on Monday. 
I was somewhat very nervous and scared of Niah's toe hasn't improved.. Malcolm mentioned me that worst case of scenario will be amputate toe.. But he said strongly the worst worst case of senario, we are trying to avoid that.
Because of fracture on his toe were very very small, should have been better after 4 weeks of treatment but he was still limping again on the beach, it means that toe is not improved yet or heart him self again. I was very disappointed. 

But we actually found he was NO pain on his toe. squeeze it, twist it, pull it, push it.. 
Niah just looked like he is in the massage heaven!   
It was almost strange.. I have been believing its toe..  perhaps it was not toe pain. 
more than likely somewhere connected to toe.. Niah was just being in the good mood, didn't show us any pain.
But Malcolm and I couldn't find his pain on Monday. 
Malcolm decided to used thermal camera to find hot spot on his leg. 

We were back on Tuesday to take a thermal photos from 11:30am. 

I needed to walk him (under the shade) for about 30min to get him use to the environmental temperature.  
During this time, I was not allowed to touch him to avoid my temperature transition to his body, make hot spot. He was also not allowed to contact with other dogs too. 

Then Malcolm took 100s of pictures, from every possible angles, and he founds hot spots,  He took Xray and ping pong!! 
Sadly, We found another fracture on his right front carpus.

How stressful!!  It must have been painful.

So..what to do?! 
Malcolm mention me stem cell injection and PRP injection.  And also found out he is available next day - I booked him in and went back there again on Wednesday 10:30am for his surgery.  

というのもあの恐怖のビーチホリデーの後 ビッコしてたし、 もしも改善されなかったら最悪の場合はつま先切断!!になるかも!?とマルコム以前言われていたからです。 
 つま先の骨折はかなり小さい破片だったので、4週から6週の処置で改善されないのはおかしいのです。 でもビーチにいったとたん、やっぱりビッコしていました。 

月曜の診断でマルコムがニアの痛かったを捻っても、ねじっても ひっぱっても押しても全く反応しない、反応しないというよりマッサージされてるような気持ち良さそうな顔。。。これは、、完全に治ってる♥

気を取り直して、翌日  サーマルカメラを使って痛みを探知する事に。


この間に 私の手の温度が移行するのを避けるため、ニアを一切さわれませんでした。他の犬とのも接触もできませんでした。 マルコムはありとあらゆる角度から100枚近くの写真を撮影、そして、前足にホットスポットを発見。レントゲンを撮影したら、残念な事に手首にも小さな骨折を発見。。。



Course 2- first part only.




I nearly forgot doing online courses~ oh gosh, I think we can start again soon but we definitely needed break. I sent quick email to Zeljko, explaining what happened to Koto, and also attached video that I have done so far to get quick comments!

Thanks so much Zeljko! he sent me back SO much comments :D (As always)
If it was a test with 100 questions, I only answered like.. 15.
Most of the handling I choose was no! no! no! (okay, but timing... okay but ...)
He really push my boundary to challenge new, and motivate me to try new, and that is mostly I can do it if I practice. but I need to practice! 
(Like this pull through.. I DO need to practice, and decide what verbal am I using..It was first time ever, tried pull through, I didn't even know what command to use! )

Such an awesome coach :D
I'm considering to do foundation with him too.. well. but I don't have Niah, 
maybe at least Audit ~

*Why not to do long way on number 3? I want you to try that.

*You can also start from the right and left side. On the right do push on 2 and then FX and if you start on the left then FFX (throw back) on 3.

*On number 6 you can do FFX or 5-6 double blind or just a threadle.

*On number 10 when you did pull through it's about timing and training that part.



Koto feeling really cool ;)

So.. It has been 9 days since Koto's nightmare. 
Thank you for thinking about her, and lots of positive thoughts! 
She is actually really good now, she loves being smooth border collie so much! 
I couldn't believe how much energy she has.. A lot!! 
It's going to be interesting to attend agility seminar this weekend 🙈

散歩で火が付いた瞬間の引っ張りが、、馬並み( ̄▽ ̄)





all about Koto!

さて、月曜の悪夢から4日間たちました。 今日は日本語だけで。
琴ちゃんどうしたの?と思いましたか? ご心配おかけしました。

それだけでも解らなかった単語を覚えるのに凄く役立つので、ささっと書きこみましたが、詳しく説明すると先々週訪れたビーチでダニを連れて帰って来たのです。 しかもParalysis Tickと呼ばれる、とても強い毒のあるダニで犬も簡単に死んでしまいます。 このダニは私達が住んでいるビクトリアには生息していなく、北の方向へ5時間ほど移動すると生息地域へ入ります。クイーンズランドなど暑い地域には沢山います。
今回はうちから3時間弱の旅行だったし、あまり真剣にこの地域の警戒情報など読まなかったし、本当にParalysis Tickがいるとは知らなかったのです。
Paralysis=麻痺という意味で 咬まれたら身体が麻痺してうごかなくなってしまい最後には呼吸ができなくなり死んでしまう、、本当に恐いダニなのです。

この傷口を見せたのですが、48時間みて 腫れが収まらなかったら獣医さんに診断してもらうという事になったのでした。
この傷口は気にしながらも 木曜はアジリティレッスンに行き、沢山元気トレーニングしても普通でした。異変に気づいたのは日曜。朝琴をなでているとなにか前足の付け根のあたりに異物が、、そして初めてダニを発見したのです。たぶん最初に琴の顔に噛み付き、琴が自分で払いのけたけど、まだ生きていて、この間ずっと琴についていたのかと思われます。
嬉しいニュースは他にダニは見つからず、琴もかなり初期の麻痺症状だったので 直ぐに毒が抜けて元通りになりました。麻痺が残るんじゃないかとおもって本当に心配しました。


今日は金曜日。 コトはすっかり元通り。

 本当によく 頑張った琴に新しいベットをプレゼントしてあげたよ


My bad luck continues

Did I tell you our "Get well soon!" recovery holiday turned out the worst nightmare?

Extremely unlucky, and extremely terrifying.
and it was an extremely stupid decision we went to the beach,
we really shouldn't have gone to the beach.

Niah is back in limping after beach walk :(
Looks like he can't run for entire year 2015... 

And poor poor my darling Koto has got paralysis tick bite, We found she has tick 5 days after the beach, She has been treated in hospital for paralysis tick toxicosis on Monday, she stayed at the vet.  

Tick can kill dogs.
But I didn't know there is paralysis tick in Victoria, near where we went.
Our flea treatment doesn't include tick.  only flea, heart worm, tape warm etc 
I always put tick treatment when I travel to Sydney. or we normally check what we need to be careful with dogs in the area, but We just didn't think there is tick this area.. 
It was less than 3 hours away from our house.  

It all started suddenly happen on Sunday night - She started coughing at night, then
couldn't bark, then in the morning lost balance, couldn't walk properly.
It was serious nightmare. We drove to the Whittlesea, our regular vet (50min drive) first thing in the morning. Dean didn't go to work, he was really scared of loosing her.

Luckily, she responded rapidly to treatment and hasn't deteriorated.

She needed to shave EVERYTHING to check up if she has any other ticks.
luckily nothing has found.  She has to be quiet and avoid excitation for 2 weeks.

Hair will glow. but she is completely naked right now, make me really sick, having a not well dogs.  yeah. BOTH OF THEM are not well.

Eventhough she lost all her hair, She is still very pretty.
Only thing I can say now is I really love you Koto & Niah, and happy that you are still next to me. 


Get well soon holiday -2-

Get well soon boys!

We stayed at holiday house near the 90 mile beach on the weekend.
Poor Dean, he pull out 4 of the wisdom teeth at once!! He was in extreme pain!
Wow, his face was like… giant!!! Hugely swallow up and he could only eat processed/grounded food.

So this holiday was perfect for him, just stay out of his computer!  DO NOT WORK,
And get rest and just get better…
But there is another one, who suppose to just get better.. but not working!!
After visiting vet twice a week (Takes 50min one way) for 4 weeks – My vet Malcolm finally approved for the beach visit with Niah.  
We sure don’t want him to loose his muscle mass. But unfortunately, Niah is slightly limping again after our beach walk… ahhh!! I am devastated..
But Niah was in heaven!! he could finally run free…
Well, Patient is only way to cure his broken toe.  Looks like we can not come to the beach at all for awhile.
Get well soon boys~!

ディーンは金曜の朝、可哀想な事に、ずっと前から色々と問題を起こしてきた親知らず 4本をすべて、一気に 抜歯したそうです。



速くよくな〜れ 男子よ〜 :)


Zeljko-Course 1 Retry

Course-1 のリトライです。
ビデオ初めの#1−6ですが、Zeljkoにトライしてみてと進められたオプションがかなり難しくて悪戦苦闘したのですが、タイムを計ってみたら 一番早かったプッシュプルのオプションより断然速かった!
あと以前S-TurnやGerman Turnの際 Inner Armは使わないほうがいい!と言われて訂正したのですが、Forced Front CrossやKetchkerの際も同じく
Inner Armを使わずに犬に近い方の外側のArmでThrow Backしたほうが断然Efficient だしArmは犬に近いし長いし、速く先に動けるし、、ハンドリングはFancyじゃないけどEfficientが一番でしょ?とかなり攻められる。。
Dave Munningsも同じ事言ってたし、速くてEfficientならなおさらやったほうがいい?とおもって訂正しました。でもまだ全然スムースじゃないし、なんか、Daveが説明してた、”Ketchkerはモグラたたきのような動き、、地面にモグラがいるとおもって叩いてるところをイメージして。。”って言ってたけど 今の私は まさにモグラ叩いてる感じ。

でも言われた通り、タイムもぐんぐん伸びたし 外側の腕を使っただけで一歩先にでれる!これはいい〜

おさらば バイバイ!!


bad luck bad luck and bad luck

I am having a terrible unlucky year!!! 
I feel like Bad luck is following me everywhere I go...

Well, Unlucky started with all of my unsuccessful job interviews that I have been to this year. Every time I went to the interview, I nearly got the best jobs ever!!
but I didn't get any of them. 
and I am still not interior designer... To be honest, I miss design industry badly..

Another thing is Niah's anxiety got worth and worth. Started the beginning of the year at o/e Sydney's seminar- We drove nearly 8 hours to the Sydney, I was extremely excited!! 
but he was scared of wind making noise at indoor arena, he decide its too scary and didn't wanted to jump or run fast.
and we had huge unsuccessful agility year, ended up with toe injury :( 
We are seeing Vet twice a week, driving to the vet takes 50min one way - $33 each lazer therapy.. but it only takes "5 MINITE" very far and expensive 5 min... 

ことごとく落ちた、結局未だにインテリアデザイナーではなくて デザインインダストリーに未練たらたら。。


The other day, on the way back from the VET,
my car didn't start.. so called RACV, but it was pretty bad. 
Starter mortar was dead and needed to replace.  Poor Koto and Niah needed to stay in boot for few hours during the RACV trying to fix it.  Dean came to pick us up from miles away! (He was working at 1.5 hours away) Long Long day for all of us. 
(For ONLY 5 min treatment!!) 
Next day, Apparently Car was fixed!! I went to pick up the car from the mechanics near the vet, but Car was still sick and kept stopping while I was driving.. then.. again!! 
Completely stopped just before I got in the freeway entry.  
I was stack in the freeway side road with dogs until Dean came to pick me up from 1.5 hours away work!! Sucks! 


Another huge bad luck was
My very first order from European tunnel and saddlebags was complete mess. 
I mean.. Every order I made was slightly wrong..
eg. the tunnel below was suppose to be 3 meter Orange and Black, Tiger colour!! 
Not just orange.. with special order to attach peg loop...Customer does training agility at the public park, so he just wanted to peg tunnel down.  He just wanted short, but very durable for his 600 23kg fast dog Eddie, with peg loop on tunnel. 
As soon as open the box.. I nearly got heart attack!  
Shipping took us 2 month by shipping container with extremely expensive exchange rate.  it was just so disappointed when finally arrived, but it was so wrong.. 

yeah.. so I have been busy for re-organizing the order, and sending "I am sorry!!" emails again and again!  Customer were waiting for this tunnel for nearly 4 month :( Very unlucky...
So we re-ordered.. and new tunnel came by Air freight, UPS by extreme route!! 

This tiger tunnel started travel from Czech republic - Poland - Germany - Philadelphia, USA - Louisville USA, - Hawaii - Sydney - Melbourne - then Warrambool! 

I was so happy when Tiger finally arrived in my house :D 
yes! It actually looks pretty good!!  

お客さんは4ヶ月も待ってる状態。とくにひどかったのが この写真の3メートルのトンネル。注文はオレンジと黒のストライプ、それにペグ用のループをスペシャルオーダーで注文したのですが到着したのはただのオレンジペグループなし。

Today, I received this photo of Eddie, Tiger tunnel's new owner!
Eddie is VERY HAPPY with his brand new tiger tunnel and just wanted to sit on it while he was traveling back home from the trial! 
I am feeling a little bit happier today :) 

トンネルの新しいオーナーのエディ君、すごく気に入ったようで 帰り道ずっとこのトンネルのなかに座っていたそうです:)


Dave Munnings Seminar with Koto

I've been so bad updating my blog! 
I'm having somewhat mentally tough year of 2015 but my dogs and dog Agility sure has been fully supporting me.   When I play with my dogs, I only enjoy, I can forget small things that worries me in my life.  Some people get stressed about agility, and yell at dogs, or stressed at small details, but not me.  Not at all. 
I love agility and everything my dogs do at agility :D

I just love taking challenges and Koto has been challenging me A LOT recently!! She took us to the new level of agility, let me to understanding her more wisely, we truly discovered the way of making better connection. 

Dave Munnings seminar with Koto for 4 days was really great. I feel like we went back to basic, and it was just perfect small sequences to do every basic movement with international presenter's coaching.  Koto didn't slow down at all, Her front leg joint didn't get stiff, hold it so well.  She could run 3 days, jumping 400 no problem!! (Which made me soooo happy!!) and she was quite good at new environment, always always wanted to work for me - it was actually joy to join the seminar with her :)  

We learnt to control every turns, but also trust more on her, and leave as soon as possible!! I always felt Koto needs more support than Niah, but then - If I wait her, she is MUCH faster than Niah. And most happily, I learnt a lot about Koto and it was joy to play with her for 3 days :) 

でも犬達と遊んだり、アジリティをしているときはいつも感じているストレスや心配している事全て忘れられるんですよね。 よくアジの学校や競技会でガンガン犬を怒る人や小さい犬の行動や他人にどう思われるかなどを気にしている人を見かけるけど、アジリティなんて犬と遊んでいるだけなのにそんなに怒るの?と聞きたくなる。
それに琴とのハンドリングのチャレンジは 本当に楽しい!もっと琴の事を知った気がするし、出来なかった事が出来たときの喜びは凄い :)

今回のDaveとのセミナーも 2年前の前足の関節の怪我のせいで 琴とは庭とアジリティクラブでしかアジリティを してなかったんだけど、過保護になりすぎてたのかな、