My bad luck continues

Did I tell you our "Get well soon!" recovery holiday turned out the worst nightmare?

Extremely unlucky, and extremely terrifying.
and it was an extremely stupid decision we went to the beach,
we really shouldn't have gone to the beach.

Niah is back in limping after beach walk :(
Looks like he can't run for entire year 2015... 

And poor poor my darling Koto has got paralysis tick bite, We found she has tick 5 days after the beach, She has been treated in hospital for paralysis tick toxicosis on Monday, she stayed at the vet.  

Tick can kill dogs.
But I didn't know there is paralysis tick in Victoria, near where we went.
Our flea treatment doesn't include tick.  only flea, heart worm, tape warm etc 
I always put tick treatment when I travel to Sydney. or we normally check what we need to be careful with dogs in the area, but We just didn't think there is tick this area.. 
It was less than 3 hours away from our house.  

It all started suddenly happen on Sunday night - She started coughing at night, then
couldn't bark, then in the morning lost balance, couldn't walk properly.
It was serious nightmare. We drove to the Whittlesea, our regular vet (50min drive) first thing in the morning. Dean didn't go to work, he was really scared of loosing her.

Luckily, she responded rapidly to treatment and hasn't deteriorated.

She needed to shave EVERYTHING to check up if she has any other ticks.
luckily nothing has found.  She has to be quiet and avoid excitation for 2 weeks.

Hair will glow. but she is completely naked right now, make me really sick, having a not well dogs.  yeah. BOTH OF THEM are not well.

Eventhough she lost all her hair, She is still very pretty.
Only thing I can say now is I really love you Koto & Niah, and happy that you are still next to me. 

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