Zeljko's online course summery

Winter time here!!  
Its' not cold yet during the day, but night is getting colder and colder. 
Very cozy sitting in front of the heater at night!

So.. just chilling out in front of the heater, and thinking back my summer and I made this video. 
I guess... the biggest achievement in our summer was completed agility lessons with Croatian agility handler, Zeljko Gora. 

His courses were brilliant, really fun to run and not too difficult, 
but there were so much to think and learn. it was such a good lesson.

Niah and I really love it. A LOT of running. Unlucky, I injured my ankle in November, and Niah also had slight back injury. But all good now and we are ready for next adventure!! 

I have to make a video of Dean and Koto doing all of these courses. 
They also completed this course with me, and koto was doing so great!! 


それにしても楽しいコースだったなぁ。難しいんだけど、スピードが着く箇所が多い。その上ハンドリングもしっかりしないといけなくて、色々なオプションがあり、本当に考えさせられるし、勉強になったコースでした。  途中で私の足首の怪我とニアの背中の怪我でスローダウンしましたが、最後のコースまで走れて本当によかった。



these days..

 Not much happening here these days.. 

so something like... finding this Egg Plant man at the vegie shop was exciting :D
Looks like Niah loved him! 


Agility fun day -2

Sensational Photos by Emily Irwin :) Thank you Emily!!

We set up Novice course from o/e seminar at Emily's place and had a LOT of FUN and LAUGH together with friends :) 
It probably the novice course.. but there were a lot of handling in this course.
We tried many different handling and time it. 

Koto was running so beautiful, but she is still jumping low height jumps - since her front feet joint gets easily dislocated.  We might not ever let her run at Agility Trial.  We really don't want her to have any pain, and joint dislocation must be painful and unconfortable.  Trial is really doesn't matter! She is still having so much fun in the back yard training, agility school and the park.
We are simply happy that she can still run and have fun with us like this day. 



o/eセミナーのノービスコースをみんなで走ってみたのですが、ノービスとは思えない おもいっきりハンドリングのあるコースで、みんなで一緒に相談しながら色々なハンドリングオプションを試してみました。

琴はかなり楽しそうにディーンと一緒に走っていましたよ。 前足の怪我からかれこれ、1年半が過ぎましたが、相変わらず今でも300のジャンプでアジリティをしています。

というのは今でも 過剰な運動をすると前足のジョイントが一部外れて足の動きが硬くなってしまうのです。この日の翌日も先生に見てもらったらやっぱり外れていました。


先生は多分痛みはないと言ってます、でも子供の頃、関節が外れた経験のある私にはものすごく大変な事に感じるし、やっぱり多少でも痛みや違和感があるのに500のジャンプを飛ばせるのはやっぱり無理。なので 多分琴はアジリティの競技会へ戻る事はもう無いのかもしれないけど、でもこうやってバックヤードや友達の家やアジのスクールで楽しめるだけでも大満足!

公園にもハイキングにも泳ぎにもいける!もうこれだけでいいや :)

Here is a video of all of us, having fun with trying different handling at "S-Turn" :)

And another videos of Koto and Niah


Its Autumn here in Melbourne!

We had our friend's 40's birthday party at holiday house in Angle sea.
It was probably the last summery weather beach weekend for us, 
How lucky it was.. 
We've seen an AMAZING sunset with HAPPY dogs, HAPPY friends!
What else would be better than this!?
Happy Birthday Jonathan!