Zeljko's online course summery

Winter time here!!  
Its' not cold yet during the day, but night is getting colder and colder. 
Very cozy sitting in front of the heater at night!

So.. just chilling out in front of the heater, and thinking back my summer and I made this video. 
I guess... the biggest achievement in our summer was completed agility lessons with Croatian agility handler, Zeljko Gora. 

His courses were brilliant, really fun to run and not too difficult, 
but there were so much to think and learn. it was such a good lesson.

Niah and I really love it. A LOT of running. Unlucky, I injured my ankle in November, and Niah also had slight back injury. But all good now and we are ready for next adventure!! 

I have to make a video of Dean and Koto doing all of these courses. 
They also completed this course with me, and koto was doing so great!! 


それにしても楽しいコースだったなぁ。難しいんだけど、スピードが着く箇所が多い。その上ハンドリングもしっかりしないといけなくて、色々なオプションがあり、本当に考えさせられるし、勉強になったコースでした。  途中で私の足首の怪我とニアの背中の怪我でスローダウンしましたが、最後のコースまで走れて本当によかった。


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