Running Contact update

We haven't done much RC training, since our backyard was very wet,
but we had beautiful winter sunny days for a week, so yay for back in training! 
I've been a little frustrated that we have been only working on "Get that contact game" and starting point from "No-Speed (Sit start)", Thought about putting the height down.. but
decided to not to. Just gradually add entry distance every time with "100% prevention of leaping(static toy for this week) 
So we are trying now running with Speed and working on her separation! 
She still control her speed so much on Down lamp and loose separation sometimes, 
Which is good thing for her! she needs to learn that... since she can be an amazing 
flying leaping dog!!
I will start "tunnel start, then finish with Jump" this weekend! 

先月のトライアルでニア君 コンタクトをミスしてしまったのに

Niah:  Missed 2 contacts from last trail, but I haven't practice since then. 
So we've done short refresh training with exit handling practice. 
He was doing great, just myself- need to practice timing! 
And the most difficult thing for him is new environment and new dog walk. 
Always important to make sure he RUN on Dogwalk. 
So far, he just LOVEs RC training in our backyard :) so cute!




Agility night with new wings!

It was GREAT night wathcing EO final on live streaming yesterday! 
My favorite handlers, Silvia & Le, Jenny Damm & Lilli and Tobias and Peanuts win!  It was great competition and everyone who was competing in the final ring, it was so great to watch!!
Especially Silvia, Jenny and Lisa, They are truly the world champions! 
Lisa and Jenny's handling was just incredible!  tightest, and neatest dogs line, faultless handling with Lilli's speed and Running contact!  It was great to wactch :)
and it was so happy to hear that Hoss is back in old condition! 
Silvia was also amazing, Le had some little lost moment on the most tricky jump but she was 2 second faster than 2nd place! Indeed flying Midget!! 
Very exciting and wonderful to watch all the top world agility handlers competing in extremely challenging courses. 
I can't wait for World Championship in September.
I think it will be very interesting in this year.

And Woo hoo! Our agility club just got 15 new wing jumps from UK.
They looks very good and so much easier to handle properly! 
We can finally coming close to world standard Equipments :) 
Now, we seriously needs better courses, and improved rules. 
Hopefully international judges will start coming to Australia for Seminar someday.  
Or we might needs to invited international judges to judge the nationals in the future!


Niah Bendigo Master Jumping

アジリティも3コース走ったのですが、なんとコンタクトを2回もミスってしまいました。。最後のコースはコンタクトも含めて凄く良かったけど 最初のタイアーにあたってしまったみたい。。もう少しエクセレントアジリティで頑張ります。。

Last weekend was agility trial at Bendigo, 
Bendigo is medium size country town where takes about 2 hours drive from Melbourne.
It tuned out sunny and beautiful 2 days and we had a luck of winning 2 rings at Master Jumping and Open Jumping. Both very first pass! Master Jumping that we won was pretty easy with large and small pin wheels and tunnel discrimination only.. but still happy to achieve first place :) because it was only second time competing in Masters! 

Open was also easy. but somehow general luck of passes across the whole weekend.  Not many people did pass those easy courses. Sun? Ground? not sure. but at least we were on the lucky side!
We also run Agility 3 times but Niah missed Contact 2 times :( 
The very last run was beautiful, but he break the very first tunnel :( 
No pass for Excellent Agility, but somehow achieved 2nd and 3rd place! so we have 4 medals~
琴の足もすっかり回復しているので次のトライアルはジャンピングで出してみようかと思っています。And Koto has been so good at home, looking after Dean :) 
We think she will be ready to start competition in a month time!! 
Running contact is not finished.. so she will start with Jumping.


On Training! O/E Course2 - 1st Try

We are on training!! 

I'm learning Revit Architecture now and also new movements of agility handling. 
2nd course from o/e training was also very difficult one, but challenging. 
Still struggle with Ketschker turn's timing.. and also struggle with sending Niah to Tunnel next to DW entry! It's because he has done Running contact training from tunnel on this route.. so it was very difficult to use verval cue for going to tunnel.. 
But!! we've got very helpful an nice comment from Joune :) 
Comment as below ↓
Revit Architectureのオンライントレーニングをしたり、、
時間がありそうでないこの頃 :)


Thank you for your video! Very nice training again.

Niah makes a very nice turn at jump number 3. You have nice timing when you do the pole turn and you get good speed after the turn. However the second option is faster for you - 0,4 seconds between obstacles 1 and 6 which is quite alot. Eventhough Niah has very tight turns she still wins time by taking the shorter route. This is just something you have to practice and time the different options to find the fastest route. Very nice rear cross at jump number 5 - you use your own tempo and upperbody clearly to anticipate the path towards the tunnel and Niah remains high speed. Well done!

Both options after the weaves work very well and your handling is faultless. This time there is no significant time difference either.

The first time you are sending Niah to the tunnel under the dog walk you are slowing down and your body is already pointing away from the tunnel. When sending the dog away from you it is critical that you have movement so that the dog will drive away from you all the way to the tunnel and past the dw. The other thing is naturally the direction of your movement or your upper body. So try timing your own movement so that when Niah exits the tunnel your are still moving fast towards the tunnel under the dw. On the other hand you probably need to practise some tunnel entries and reinforce the tunnel command so that Niah will take the tunnel by command even when you can not be there helping her with your body signals. In these cases the vocals need to "override" your body signals.

Still some difficulties with the timing of ketschker turn at jump number 19. Here you probably don´t even  need to do the ketschker since the turn isn´t that tight and there is no trap obstacle behind the jump. You are also moving very straight which makes the ketschker more difficult. The more you change your own direction the more natural the movement. But still it is good for you to practise the movement and the timing in different situations.

In the last option you have a very nice send to the tunnel and the rear cross works well again. What you can do is try to pull her a bit more towards you before releasing her to the jump (number 19 rear cross) to give her even better angle to the last jumps. So pull her more towards yourself as she exits the tunnel and then turn towards the jump for a better angle.

Keep on training those ketschkers! Have a nice training!


OE lesson Course1-Re-Try

Here is our Re-try on 1st course from Jouni and Isabelle's online course.
I thought the end part was much better and we improved a little bit of Keschker timing :)
But still not moving naturally, and very difficult to get correct, perfect timing and position, and most biggest issue is I don't know where to use it :P
But we have to work on Keschker timing@@
I totally misjudge the position of Keschker before the DW, so it was physically impossible to get to the jump after the DW to do Forced Front Cross...
Such a inspiring practice! I think I know I have to position myself much far away from the jump. I don't think we will see these complicated course in Australia, but I really like challenges, that another countries agility society is facing. 
It's a shame all the course doesn't fit and I can't practice entire course!! 

私がやると。意味ない所で”くるるーん!?” ただ無意味にスピンしてる様に見えるのです。まず第一にスピンしてるポジションが悪い様子。だから次の障害に間に合わなくなってますね〜。得にドッグウォークの前のジャンプはジャンプの近くへ行き過ぎてるのでランニングの後のForcedFront Crossには全然間に合わない状態が続く。。。
でもヨウニ曰く最初に比べたら少し進歩にしたみたい:)最後のエンディングのPushBack Keschkerはオッケー!
共にバーは600を飛ばせてます、最近落ちたバーを拾いに行く事が減って来た事を実感!!随分いい感じ♥ 来週は久しぶりのトライアル、、
あと1つExcellent Agilityのクリアが貰えればマスターコースに昇進!行けるかな〜!

Jouni said: Very nice start again. Good job! Yes I agree - number 5 is much better now and I think your timing at jump number 7 is also good but you are standing very close to the jump. Try to keep a little bit distance so that while the dog is running towards the jump you start running towards the next obstacle. The push & pull at jump number 8 is great but again you could try to stay even more ahead of the dog to make it easier to be on time at the next obstacles.

You can see the importance of your timing and own position when doing the ketschker turn when you arrive late to jump number 16 to do the forced front cross: again the ketschker at jump number 14. Don´t go so close to the jump but send the dog and leave earlier!!!

Both options work really nice at in the end of the course and there is really no difference in time between these two options.

Well done! Keep on working with your timing when doing the ketschker turns and try not go so close to the jumps to win even more time!