Agility night with new wings!

It was GREAT night wathcing EO final on live streaming yesterday! 
My favorite handlers, Silvia & Le, Jenny Damm & Lilli and Tobias and Peanuts win!  It was great competition and everyone who was competing in the final ring, it was so great to watch!!
Especially Silvia, Jenny and Lisa, They are truly the world champions! 
Lisa and Jenny's handling was just incredible!  tightest, and neatest dogs line, faultless handling with Lilli's speed and Running contact!  It was great to wactch :)
and it was so happy to hear that Hoss is back in old condition! 
Silvia was also amazing, Le had some little lost moment on the most tricky jump but she was 2 second faster than 2nd place! Indeed flying Midget!! 
Very exciting and wonderful to watch all the top world agility handlers competing in extremely challenging courses. 
I can't wait for World Championship in September.
I think it will be very interesting in this year.

And Woo hoo! Our agility club just got 15 new wing jumps from UK.
They looks very good and so much easier to handle properly! 
We can finally coming close to world standard Equipments :) 
Now, we seriously needs better courses, and improved rules. 
Hopefully international judges will start coming to Australia for Seminar someday.  
Or we might needs to invited international judges to judge the nationals in the future!

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