OE lesson Course1-Re-Try

Here is our Re-try on 1st course from Jouni and Isabelle's online course.
I thought the end part was much better and we improved a little bit of Keschker timing :)
But still not moving naturally, and very difficult to get correct, perfect timing and position, and most biggest issue is I don't know where to use it :P
But we have to work on Keschker timing@@
I totally misjudge the position of Keschker before the DW, so it was physically impossible to get to the jump after the DW to do Forced Front Cross...
Such a inspiring practice! I think I know I have to position myself much far away from the jump. I don't think we will see these complicated course in Australia, but I really like challenges, that another countries agility society is facing. 
It's a shame all the course doesn't fit and I can't practice entire course!! 

私がやると。意味ない所で”くるるーん!?” ただ無意味にスピンしてる様に見えるのです。まず第一にスピンしてるポジションが悪い様子。だから次の障害に間に合わなくなってますね〜。得にドッグウォークの前のジャンプはジャンプの近くへ行き過ぎてるのでランニングの後のForcedFront Crossには全然間に合わない状態が続く。。。
でもヨウニ曰く最初に比べたら少し進歩にしたみたい:)最後のエンディングのPushBack Keschkerはオッケー!
共にバーは600を飛ばせてます、最近落ちたバーを拾いに行く事が減って来た事を実感!!随分いい感じ♥ 来週は久しぶりのトライアル、、
あと1つExcellent Agilityのクリアが貰えればマスターコースに昇進!行けるかな〜!

Jouni said: Very nice start again. Good job! Yes I agree - number 5 is much better now and I think your timing at jump number 7 is also good but you are standing very close to the jump. Try to keep a little bit distance so that while the dog is running towards the jump you start running towards the next obstacle. The push & pull at jump number 8 is great but again you could try to stay even more ahead of the dog to make it easier to be on time at the next obstacles.

You can see the importance of your timing and own position when doing the ketschker turn when you arrive late to jump number 16 to do the forced front cross: again the ketschker at jump number 14. Don´t go so close to the jump but send the dog and leave earlier!!!

Both options work really nice at in the end of the course and there is really no difference in time between these two options.

Well done! Keep on working with your timing when doing the ketschker turns and try not go so close to the jumps to win even more time!

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