Niah Bendigo Master Jumping

アジリティも3コース走ったのですが、なんとコンタクトを2回もミスってしまいました。。最後のコースはコンタクトも含めて凄く良かったけど 最初のタイアーにあたってしまったみたい。。もう少しエクセレントアジリティで頑張ります。。

Last weekend was agility trial at Bendigo, 
Bendigo is medium size country town where takes about 2 hours drive from Melbourne.
It tuned out sunny and beautiful 2 days and we had a luck of winning 2 rings at Master Jumping and Open Jumping. Both very first pass! Master Jumping that we won was pretty easy with large and small pin wheels and tunnel discrimination only.. but still happy to achieve first place :) because it was only second time competing in Masters! 

Open was also easy. but somehow general luck of passes across the whole weekend.  Not many people did pass those easy courses. Sun? Ground? not sure. but at least we were on the lucky side!
We also run Agility 3 times but Niah missed Contact 2 times :( 
The very last run was beautiful, but he break the very first tunnel :( 
No pass for Excellent Agility, but somehow achieved 2nd and 3rd place! so we have 4 medals~
琴の足もすっかり回復しているので次のトライアルはジャンピングで出してみようかと思っています。And Koto has been so good at home, looking after Dean :) 
We think she will be ready to start competition in a month time!! 
Running contact is not finished.. so she will start with Jumping.

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