Routeburn track South Island

I am so greatful that I can finally write and post hiking photos.

We landed to Queenstown, South Island. then suddenly weather changed!
At the night we arrived,  it started raining really really hard then and rain changed to heavy snow, and snow didn't stop until in the morning. 

Big surprise! when we woke up surrounding mountains are covered in deep snow, and information center people told us that alps peak is closed, due to too much snow.

We planned for 3 days hiking at Routeburn track.  It takes about 3 hours bus ride from central Queenstown to get to Divide, where we planned to start walk.   Routeburn track is not too difficult, the most accessible and popular journeys in New Zealand's hiking. 
Takes 3 days but it doesn't include hard climbing or long distance.  so it is rather beginner- and relaxing and enjoyable journey, but with deep snow - it is different story :(

So we decided to gave up on taking a bus to go to divide side, and stayed another night in Queenstown.  
Hartland hotel was lovely. very cozy and comfortable. 

I was a bit scared to buy a new boots and hike right away, but bought a best new waterproof hiking boots from Selwa to get ready for deep snow walking.  How great is this boots! love it so much.  Dean also bought a very warm down jacket, thermal inner top and tights.. so we finally ready for snow hike!


Resting at Queenstown

2017 Winter was so long, and I could hardly do any agility.  Worked every day all day.
But sometimes - this kind of winter is needed. 
Because of we worked so hard, out business is going well.  
Just one of the busy working year -

2017 is already nearly the end and summer arrived in Melbourne.  
We escaped from very hot Melbourne to South Island, NZ.  

We really needed fresh mountain air for quick rest.
The moment like these photos makes me realize we must do more hiking to learn more of the world.  
We took cable car, then hiked up to Ben lomond mountain near the central Queenstown.  Breath taking scenery.

Such a soft and gentle snow, hated walking on muddy icy river pass,- but what a experience!


Day is getting longer

Southern hemisphere is in the middle of winter,  Wet and cold Melbourne winter is not my favorite time and I always get homesick -  dreaming to go somewhere warm!! 
We are mostly driving around the area to area by car to walk..yes that's so wrong!  - Not much hiking or walking recently:( 
本当にあの蒸し暑ーい日本が恋しくなります。  週末も出かけるけど、殆どは車でドライブ山へ出かけて、ちょっと散歩するくらいで、大好きなハイキングにもいく気力が起らない。。そんな気分も体調も不調になりがちなのは私だけじゃなくて琴やニアもみたい。

Koto has been also not well :(  She had stomach virus and she has been really not well for the last couple of weeks. 
Malcolm did all testing and xrays check up - just in case of something not good.
but the result was all good, and she is almost recovered, but we can see she is still a bit weak-  Hope she gets fully recovered.  makes me nervous to see her getting older and little gray hairs around her face.  Winter make me think something I don't need to think :) 
At least -  Winter solstice is past and day is getting longer everyday ❤

琴ちゃんがちょうど3週間くらい前に 突然食欲がなくなって咳をしたり夜中に熱があったりとなんだか凄く体調が悪そうだったので、一時様子を見たのですが、元通りにならないので、2日間入院して血液検査やレントゲンを撮ってすみからすみまで調べてもらいましたが、異常は見つからず。
今は もう殆どもとの琴なのですが、なんだかいつもより元気がない感じ。
最近 顔の白い毛も目立って来たし、琴が年をとっていくのはとっても悲しい。
冬だからかなー 考えなくていい様な事ばっかり考えてまいます 笑
でも冬至は過ぎたから、日がすこしづつだけど 長くなってきたこの頃。


Post smart phone zombie

2017 has already finished half way and I am finally sitting on my favorite chair and listening music.  Just realiased I have been 4 month of silence on my blog, I thought I willl never stop writing our little diary of Koto and Niah but this such a simple - daily routine can be break easily when I am so so busy,  and I feel like I am always always looking at my iphone when I am resting, Feels like I am getting like smart phone zombie.

I think I need to stop spending my time for just browsing people's mind... because most of the shared videos and notes are junk.  I need to spend more time with my dogs, and take more photos of my dogs and note what is happening to us!! 


もっと琴とニアと向かいあって、もっと時間を費やして、もっと写真を沢山 撮って 


Extreme Fundation with Silvia

My second online class is Silvia's extreme foundation.

To be honest - I thought Niah and I will drop out from this class.. because the first lesson was verbal que proofing and teaching cik vs. cap,  In-in vs. Out..
it was the hardest thing to teach... 
Niah actually knows well about Right and Left command because I make him to spin to both direction so we became very good at it. 
but I gave up on using cik/cap command at trial already, because I always get confused and not telling right command to him.. so I have been only using cik cik for all tight turn, and mostly using my body que to tell which way to turn.

Of Cause_ Niah wouldn't know the command if I don't use it correctly. 

First 2 weeks was a bit too hard - I didn't enjoy the lessons at all.
but we are taking baby steps on verbals cues and we are slowly getting better every time. 
Looks like I just need to keep on practice and be consistent in que!!!

2nd lesson gets a bit more fun -practicing come to hand - obstacle discrimination!
such a fun exercise and Niah and I LOVEd this :D exactly what we needed to practice!!


2017 Our agility plan!

My 2017 started with full of training plans and I have now on going 3 online classes! 
Ambitious plan but so far, I am in control and enjoying little play with Koto and Niah. 

I am not a dog trainer or agility handler as I dream but I love playing with dogs and training Koto and Niah lift my life and I want to keep on learning even they are getting older.   We always have some topic to train, and when we crush on a problem, we just need to move on and try to fix that problem by happy training.  Most importantly, we need to keep on moving and never give up on those issues.  So here we have 3 lessons!!   

But started with a year with "a real life- training" at last weekend, I attend Australian agility instructor's workshop - and it was fun and made me think of a lot of detail of handling.  Megan gave me a great tips, especially for the fraction moment of connecting with dogs, and early que, handler's location, etc.. a lot of details to think about when I am running at the course. It was such a nice seminar. 

ちょっと野心的すぎたかなと思いながらも、今 3つのオンラインクラスをやっています。

先週 オーストラリアのトレーナーのメーガンベルさんのワークショップに参加してきました。普段オンラインで練習しているので こうやって細かいハンドリングの指導をして頂けるのは本当にうれしいし、勉強になります。犬とのコネクション、ハンドラーのロケーション、速めのクロス、一人の先生からずっと教えてもらうのではなく、色々な人に色々なセオリーを教えてもらうのはとても大切だとおもいます。いいとこ、自分に会う所取り!かなり勉強になったセミナーでした。

I am still taking handling class with Zeljko. 
He is the best instructor I have ever had,  we improved so much from his comment, thinking of handling, comparing handling choices-  I will definitely continue to learn from him until he is available.   Niah is awesome with Zeljko's course.  He can run most of very complicated courses. Here is one of the lesson from January.  

それから まだジェリコとのクラスも続けています。彼はインストラクションは本当にはっきりしてて、ストレートで良い所はいい!良くないときは もうぜんぜんだめ!!って感じで白黒ハッキリしてくれるので、本当に解りやすい。お陰でニアも私もかなり難しいコースも走れる様になってきたし、タイミングやニアの良い所、ダメな所、本当にはっきりしてきた。 相変わらず課題が多いけど、彼がインストラクターをしてくれるかぎり続けて行くつもりです。


First time ever on Boat at Lake Eucambane.

Our 5days of holiday at the Lake Eucumbane, near mount kosciuszko national park!
I remember, I was cooking constantly! most of the time and meal was delicious!! 
But I was expecting to cook BIG trout, because we were there for finishing and first time ever for Koto and Niah to be on a boat!! 

Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything in 4 days of fishing, because of the water temperature was too warm and all fishes stayed very deep in the bottom of the lake. 
so sadyly, after 3 -4 days of struggle - we had no fish for dinner,  No fishy treats for Koto and Niah. but we all really did enjoyed swimming in beautiful lake.

Niah was so scared of boat at 1st day, but he got used to it next day :D Silly boy.
Koto was like a little captain, she enjoyed Australian summer breeze whole time . 


nearly end of January, but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 :)

Super late happy new year 2017!! Hope you had great new years.

December and January was like a marathon, I had a so much work to do and I nearly forgot about my blog! I actually upgrade my accounting software, which is awesome, I feels like I have a good robot who can manage all the job that I was spending too much time.   To make this new good robot to work, I needed to do 6 month of data entry… which made my new year 2017 a little chaotic. 

My work is busier and busier everyday – so I am actually happy and right now, I do not worried about anything small.  Means No stress.
All I care at the moment is Koto and Niah are good and healthy, Koto is starting to swim, jogging and playing again

I really hope you are doing well and having a good start of the year like us!