Post smart phone zombie

2017 has already finished half way and I am finally sitting on my favorite chair and listening music.  Just realiased I have been 4 month of silence on my blog, I thought I willl never stop writing our little diary of Koto and Niah but this such a simple - daily routine can be break easily when I am so so busy,  and I feel like I am always always looking at my iphone when I am resting, Feels like I am getting like smart phone zombie.

I think I need to stop spending my time for just browsing people's mind... because most of the shared videos and notes are junk.  I need to spend more time with my dogs, and take more photos of my dogs and note what is happening to us!! 


もっと琴とニアと向かいあって、もっと時間を費やして、もっと写真を沢山 撮って 

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