some photos from my phone

Leaving tomorrow!

Finally!! finished all study of the semester.  
I am happy to finish but I won't be able to relax during the break.
I am going back to Japan with landscape architect and architect students to do travel studio in Tokyo and near Kesennuma, where tsunami hit last year, during whole my semester break. 
pretty exciting and serious project and I am very happy to have this chance to join the group. 
A little sad about I had no-time to do any agility or mountain hiking with dogs.. 
but BCs are all good!
Here are some photos of recent sweeties.



Being good

Niah, He surprise me all the time how he can hold anything and stay for such a long time! 
We I went to Camberwell market on Sunday for socialization practice because Saturday Obedience training was raining and although,  I will be away for 3 weeks, no dog training with him for awhile.
There were 1000 of people, very crowded and so many dogs!
but he never react to dogs, always so friendly to everybody, and keep heeling tightly to me.
You are becoming soooo good boy! Mr. Nia!  I am happy mum!

どんな人にも犬にも凄くフレンドリーだし、でも必ず私の隣にピタっとくっついて歩いてきたし、本当にいい子に育ってくれて嬉しくなった日曜でした :)


backyard and my update

Here is an extra-amazing photo from our backyard!
100 of cockatoos land into next door neighbor's backyard. 
they were eating little buts!
Cockatoo are super cute bird but they make big mess, 
but surely it was just amazing!
Finally I finished the end of semester presentation!
oh- it was somehow very very stressful and busy semester.
This semester was a bit tricky subjects..
I couldn't enjoy as I much as I normally do, so that is why I am SO HAPPY
to finished!