2 hours! Run Run Run

金曜の夜!普段は外で食事したり友人を訪ねたり遊びに出かけるが、都会で暮らすボーダーコリーのストレス解消の為、残り少ない夏の間は出来るだけドッグビーチに出かて思う存分走らせてあげようと思う。今日は2時間びっちり鳥を追掛けたり、他の犬と遊んだり、ボールやフリスビーで遊んだり、泳いだり! 今日の琴には普段のドッグパークの緊張感は一切なく、会う犬にも人にも本当に世界一幸せそうな顔をみせてくれた。私達もずっと笑顔でリラックスできたとっても素敵な夜でした。

Friday night! We usually go out for dinner or frined's house but from looking at koto frustration of not having enough running during the week, We'd decided to spend the rest of the summer night at the dog beach as much as we could and give Koto a good and positive exercises.
It was warm night and bright night. Koto run for 2 hours freely chasing seagulls, played with many dogs, fetch frisbee and ball with other border collie. Very different behavior with daily Dog park.
She was absolutely Happiest dog on earth and made us chilled and smile.


Cowboy Monkey!

Monkey and Border Collie? Sounds like my pet children.. Super Cool Cowboy Monkey!! I LOVE IT!

Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey


Soft and Delicate

ちょうどこの頃 彼と出会い友達になった。とても繊細でエモーショナルな感性が凄く印象的だった。

When I met my partner about 10 years ago in Kichijoji, he used to love taking photography and makes visual arts. I thought his photos are very sensitive, soft and delicate, always made me emotional and I liked looking at them. His video camera and cameras are sleeping in his drawer, waiting for him to wake them up!


Cape Naturaliste Waling Track

昨年この海岸の国立公園で火事があったようだ。随分と広い範囲が被害にあったらしく 火事の事など全く知らずに訪れた私達には楽しみにしていた海岸沿いのウォーキングは焼け跡地の散歩道となってしまった。でも火事からまだ半年程しか過ぎていないのに植物の素晴らしい蘇生力の驚かされた。木々の殆どは根っこの方から青々とした緑が茂り、グラスツリーは種を沢山弾き飛ばし、必死に再生に向けて生き延びていた。オーストラリアで一番大きいと言われている赤カンガルーも観れたし素晴らしい散歩道だった

There was a bush fire in this Naturaliste National park last year, we had no idea there were fire around this area, so the walk we wanted to enjoy was turned to burned paddock. But we enjoyed so much to see how the bottle brush trees were growing back from the ground, grass trees's seeds are expanding so quickly without being very big. There were full of life and living energy. We enjoyed so much seeing all alive! We saw the biggest Red-Kangaloo, it was an amazing walking track ever!


winery at W.A.


Pictures are from the winery called "Edwards" when we traveling W.A. We had a chance to drink this wine when we were camping and it was very smooth and great balanced wine so we stopped by this winery on the way to Perth. When we got there, this vivid yellow Retro Aeroplain called Matilda welcome us. Apparently owner travel by him self to come to W.A from Ireland by Matilda! how amazing that Matilda and owner could fly that long distance!! it was great day and beautiful winery!


Happy 2nd Birthday KOTO!

Happy 2nd Birthday KOTO!!

My little farm dog Koto is already 2 years old. It was so fast but very fulfilling two years. Describing rising Koto, it was almost like I am riding on an emotional roller coaster. We have learnt so much of dog behaviour, Animal phycology and how to training animals.
No matter she still chase fast movement objects, timid, shows fear aggression sometimes and also being intensive sniffer, every next day and every next year I am in love with her for whatever she is. She is very special girl, she runs like a rocket, great Frisbee catcher, excellent motivation and drive and very intelligent! Thank you Koto for being patient with me and teaching me so much. Let's have much more fun during your 2nd year and teach me more!



New friend "Luna"

This is Koto's new B.C.friend Luna. She is only 8 month old, very friendly and loves round up other dogs. She has white eye rushes, very beautiful eyes and shiny young-puppy coat. Very attractive puppy! We visit Luna while thunderstorm when we were walking, Koto & Molly were both really nervous about thunder but not Luna. She went to the outside toilet by her self in the rain & thunder! I think she will be a strong dog!


Beaches at Margaret River -W.A.-

森の散歩の翌日、この初めの写真の森林に囲まれた河でカヌーに初挑戦した!カヌーでは森林浴をしながらゆっくりリラックスできる物だと思っていたら大間違い!かなり大きな川で海の入り江なので海水でサメやエイがいるらしいので、パドルが緊張から上手くできず、明日は筋肉痛間違いなし!休む暇もなく次の目的地まで海岸沿いをひたすら160キロ程走りサーフィンで有名なマーガレットリバーへ。ここではサーフィンのチャンピオンシップが開催される場所で、オーストラリアでは波が一番高い事でも有名。私が訪れた時間には波は殆どなく緩やかな朝のビーチだったが本当に美しく、水も空も砂もパーフェクト!感動的でした。遠かったけど 本当に来て良かった!

After the forest walk, we started missing beaches again. Drive back up to the north towards to Perth along the coast side, and we've got to the next camping spot Yallignup National Park at Margaret River. From my life experience.. Beaches at Margaret River was one of the most beautiful place in Australia! I was just fascinated with taking this beaches photos! it was very rewarding place to be in the end of the day!


Valley of the Giant

パースから南へ400Km以上離れた巨木の谷と呼ばれる森林のあるWalpole国立公園まで一気に下向。横幅5-7m程の樹齢400年程の巨木の谷を散歩をした。この巨木達、ユーカリの一種です。ユーカリは100種類以上もあり その中でも一番歴史の長い種だそうで、山火事やシロアリ、バクテリアなどに長い年月の間に襲われぱっくり割れて空洞が出来ている木が多かったがその存在感は凄かった!オーストラリアの歴史を長年見守って来た長寿の貫禄を感じました。

3rd day of the trip, we drove down more than 400km south from Perth, finally got to Walpole National park. We had an amazing forest walk at valley of the giants, Walpole, Denmark surrounded by more than 400 years old Eucalyptus trees, which were nearly 6m width and 50-60m high! This big crack was made by bush fires,termites and some bacterias from their long history of bushland. We enjoyed and appreciated the vast and natural forest so much.


Lake Clifton -W.A.-

パースから南へ向い初日のキャンプ地はLake Clifton。この丸い石はThrombolitesといって、地球で最初に酸素を生み出した珪藻類が作り出した生物で、何百万年も前からこの湖に生息しているらしい。簡単に説明するとカルシウムで出来たサンゴのような生きた化石!


Rottnest Island -W.A.-

パースからエクスプレスボートで30分程で着くRottnest Islandへ行ってきました。
We went to Rottnest Island which located on half hour away from Perth by Express Board. It is small island surrounded by crystal clear water and fine white sand and complete blue sky. We rent bicycle to cruse around and visit most of the beaches on this island. Water temperature was similar to Victoria (about 20 dec)so it was difficult to being under the water when we snorkel but we could enjoy swimming in crystal clear water! The third picture is little animal called Quokka. Very friendly cutie! love to get puddle and check out my camera!