Routeburn track South Island

I am so greatful that I can finally write and post hiking photos.

We landed to Queenstown, South Island. then suddenly weather changed!
At the night we arrived,  it started raining really really hard then and rain changed to heavy snow, and snow didn't stop until in the morning. 

Big surprise! when we woke up surrounding mountains are covered in deep snow, and information center people told us that alps peak is closed, due to too much snow.

We planned for 3 days hiking at Routeburn track.  It takes about 3 hours bus ride from central Queenstown to get to Divide, where we planned to start walk.   Routeburn track is not too difficult, the most accessible and popular journeys in New Zealand's hiking. 
Takes 3 days but it doesn't include hard climbing or long distance.  so it is rather beginner- and relaxing and enjoyable journey, but with deep snow - it is different story :(

So we decided to gave up on taking a bus to go to divide side, and stayed another night in Queenstown.  
Hartland hotel was lovely. very cozy and comfortable. 

I was a bit scared to buy a new boots and hike right away, but bought a best new waterproof hiking boots from Selwa to get ready for deep snow walking.  How great is this boots! love it so much.  Dean also bought a very warm down jacket, thermal inner top and tights.. so we finally ready for snow hike!

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