bad luck bad luck and bad luck

I am having a terrible unlucky year!!! 
I feel like Bad luck is following me everywhere I go...

Well, Unlucky started with all of my unsuccessful job interviews that I have been to this year. Every time I went to the interview, I nearly got the best jobs ever!!
but I didn't get any of them. 
and I am still not interior designer... To be honest, I miss design industry badly..

Another thing is Niah's anxiety got worth and worth. Started the beginning of the year at o/e Sydney's seminar- We drove nearly 8 hours to the Sydney, I was extremely excited!! 
but he was scared of wind making noise at indoor arena, he decide its too scary and didn't wanted to jump or run fast.
and we had huge unsuccessful agility year, ended up with toe injury :( 
We are seeing Vet twice a week, driving to the vet takes 50min one way - $33 each lazer therapy.. but it only takes "5 MINITE" very far and expensive 5 min... 

ことごとく落ちた、結局未だにインテリアデザイナーではなくて デザインインダストリーに未練たらたら。。


The other day, on the way back from the VET,
my car didn't start.. so called RACV, but it was pretty bad. 
Starter mortar was dead and needed to replace.  Poor Koto and Niah needed to stay in boot for few hours during the RACV trying to fix it.  Dean came to pick us up from miles away! (He was working at 1.5 hours away) Long Long day for all of us. 
(For ONLY 5 min treatment!!) 
Next day, Apparently Car was fixed!! I went to pick up the car from the mechanics near the vet, but Car was still sick and kept stopping while I was driving.. then.. again!! 
Completely stopped just before I got in the freeway entry.  
I was stack in the freeway side road with dogs until Dean came to pick me up from 1.5 hours away work!! Sucks! 


Another huge bad luck was
My very first order from European tunnel and saddlebags was complete mess. 
I mean.. Every order I made was slightly wrong..
eg. the tunnel below was suppose to be 3 meter Orange and Black, Tiger colour!! 
Not just orange.. with special order to attach peg loop...Customer does training agility at the public park, so he just wanted to peg tunnel down.  He just wanted short, but very durable for his 600 23kg fast dog Eddie, with peg loop on tunnel. 
As soon as open the box.. I nearly got heart attack!  
Shipping took us 2 month by shipping container with extremely expensive exchange rate.  it was just so disappointed when finally arrived, but it was so wrong.. 

yeah.. so I have been busy for re-organizing the order, and sending "I am sorry!!" emails again and again!  Customer were waiting for this tunnel for nearly 4 month :( Very unlucky...
So we re-ordered.. and new tunnel came by Air freight, UPS by extreme route!! 

This tiger tunnel started travel from Czech republic - Poland - Germany - Philadelphia, USA - Louisville USA, - Hawaii - Sydney - Melbourne - then Warrambool! 

I was so happy when Tiger finally arrived in my house :D 
yes! It actually looks pretty good!!  

お客さんは4ヶ月も待ってる状態。とくにひどかったのが この写真の3メートルのトンネル。注文はオレンジと黒のストライプ、それにペグ用のループをスペシャルオーダーで注文したのですが到着したのはただのオレンジペグループなし。

Today, I received this photo of Eddie, Tiger tunnel's new owner!
Eddie is VERY HAPPY with his brand new tiger tunnel and just wanted to sit on it while he was traveling back home from the trial! 
I am feeling a little bit happier today :) 

トンネルの新しいオーナーのエディ君、すごく気に入ったようで 帰り道ずっとこのトンネルのなかに座っていたそうです:)

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