weave training update!

Weave Training videos from yesterday.  
I am testing  if they still remember weave Independence after our holiday.
*Rear crossing poles
*Front crossing poles
*staying back
*sitting down
*running away from weave poles!

Still need to work on Right side (difficult one) for both Koto and Niah, 
but they are looking pretty good and I am very proud of them :)

Silvia's comment;
Still looking good! No problems with more narrow channel, but yes, that right entry takes a while to master. But you can keep closing it and finish it later on, you won’t see those entries in beginning classes. Great speed chasing Koto too!!! And nice and tight also on 500! 
My comment;
Thank you Silvia,
Okay. I am glad to hear that. I’ve been wondering what am I doing wrong
on right side..
I guess it is silly to ask but is Le still made entry mistakes on right side when channel is nearly closed?
more practice and number of experience=successful entry?
Well, Bi certainly did! :) I was already thinking she will just never get it – but then it just clicked for her too one day! You should definitely do all sorts of stuff on a channel already, but some details are easier to master later on, when the dog already has some more experience. I think Le was pretty good with her entries on my stick in the ground poles, but then had quite some problems transferring to normal, wooden poles that won’t move away at all, so we went back to really basic entries then and then focused on sequencing and handling mostly (where I help with the entries anyway) so I forgot about the hard entries for a while – and when I tried again, she was pretty bad. I then did one session with restraining and she was back on track.

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