Zeljko Course1 with Koto

My birthday is coming up next week... and I bought Dave Munning Seminar for my birthday present... BUT Niah can't run... so what to do?

only the answer is RUN WITH MY DOG KOTO :D

But ofcause, I am not so used to running her recently, plus she is so fast and jumping lower height... it is very difficult to hanldle her.. but I guess that bring us another level and we might become good team again!  

so we've started practice again with Zeljko's course.
wow, I feels like I am not supporting her enough, She is always missing out the jumps, skipping obstacle, is it because of bad timing ?  Hm.. anyways,
practice and practice! we will get there soon :)

来週は私の誕生日、なので誕生日プレゼントにDave Munningsのセミナーを随分前から買ってたんだけど、残念ながらニアは骨折で参加できません。。
まだ2週間あるし!という事で 琴と参加する事にしました。。



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