Avoca holiday -1st day night out-

We did long walk around the town with dogs. 
Slowly Slowly, and relaxing time. 

Then, First night, we went out to the Tapas restaurant called Albion-  and it was fantastic food and atmosphere! We really enjoy our dinner date ♥
No customers, means- we had entire restaurant on our own! Not that this restaurant is not popular, again, it was footballl grand final day and it is very important for Aussies. 
Handmade interior and another stunning antique furniture collections made us cozy, and waiter man was very relaxed, kind man, and we realized that we were neighbors in our Melbourne home! He moved here about one year ago, and started his own restaurant about one year ago with his mother and wife. The restaurant was so much more than what we expected. Very happy!  
初日の夜は久しぶりのタパスでデート。こんな田舎のレストランだからあまり期待派していなかったけど 美味しかった!でもフットボールのファイナルの日だったので、街の人達はテレビのあるパブに集まっていたようでお客さんは私達だけ!

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