Country holiday at Avoca -Day 1-

We rent a country house for long weekend and had a very relaxing weekend. :)
We nomally do some activities, like hiking, or big beach walk or swimming, definitely do some sight seeing and walk around the area with dogs.. 
but this weekend, we just enjoyed reading books, watching movie, enjoyed cooking and eating out, normal weekend activities in the country town. 
It was pretty nice. 

We drove through fully bloomed bright yellow Canola filed.
Yellow has effect on cheering people's mind up, and yes it really does. 
Made us very happy. 

週末はカントリータウンのホリデーハウスを借りてゆっくりのんびりな3日間を過ごしてきました。普段のホリデーはアクティブにハイキングしたり、泳いだり、ビーチを3時間散歩したり、観光したりと行動派なのですが、ずっと忙しかったディーンと私の体調を整える為に こんかいはゆっくり過ごす事が目的。沢山本を読んで映画を見て一日は料理をして、もう一日は外食してとおもいっきりスローライフな時間を過ごしてきました。

The house we rent was pretty cute country style interior and courtyard. 
Many colorful blankets, cushions, and ceramics, nice antique furniture made us very comfortable and welcoming.  


The little town was very quiet. 
It was football ground final weekend, so apparently, people were gathering at the pub to watch TV. we didn't see much people at all. 

We had a nice long walk with dogs, enjoyed sunset and warm temparature -
finally T-shirts and Day light saving just started this night!! 

のんびり楽しみました。 突然温かくなったメルボルン、この日は32℃まであがり、
Tシャツだけで外をあるけたのがとっても新鮮! サマータイムもこの日の夜に始まり、

Dog Friendly holiday house
Willyama retreat, 60 Boyce St, Avoca, VIC

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