Whipstick loop walk in Trentham -easy 2 hr walk-

We had a brilliant bush trial today. 
About 1 hour drive from Melbourne, we arrive to today's destination, Whipstick loop walk in Trentham.  The day started with driving after the separation between dark and bright cloud in the sky, Very interesting.. I've never seen cloud like this.. it sure made our drive to Trentham more interesting journey.

It was quite easy 2 hour return walk.  Scenery changed few times, between rain forest to Dry eucalyptus bush.  Very dog friendry trial and we didn't see any body walking. (Just first part only) We loved letting dogs to run free in this bush, easy hill walks, very easy and enjoyable busy.  Winter is the best time for bush trial (no snakes!)   Track was also nicely made and very easy walk!
We started walk from the track right next to the famous organic plant /nursery cafe called Diggers Cafe and as we imagined, it was very busy there! After the walk,  we had a coffee and cake for treat and it was delicious! Yes, we are definitely coming back for both trial and cake here! 

今日の目的地までの1時間のドライブはこんな風景を眺めていたらあっという間に到着しました。トレンサムという街のちかくにあるWhipstick loop walkというトレイルを2時間散歩してきました。 琴とニアはずっとオフで自由に楽しそうに駆け回っていました。
トレイルはきれいに整備されていてとっても歩きやすく、ファームの生えるレインフォレストとカラカラに乾いたユーカリのフォレストに風景がなんどか移り変わって とても面白かった。 犬との散歩にはピッタリの2時間でした。

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