Backyard training -Happy Hurdle

Happy Hurdle Day. 
I could try two different course in one setting :) 
Unfortunately,  I needed to change the course slightly for my limited backyard space,  but that's OK! 
It's just us, playing on my backyard :) 

Wow, Niah was jumping much wider, and slower. 

We are back in Agility club training for couple of weeks, but haven't done much backyard training for awhile.
Looks like it going to take some time to connect, and get normal Niah's speed and movement back.
We also had a lot of bar down!  
Well, I think I will do few more Happy Hurdle, jumping exercise,  Then really really need to go back to Running Contact exit practice. (wish I had a agility filed with all contact set up all the time..) 
A lot of trial coming up in September to December!Always have endless training recipes.
Yes! Spring and agility season is coming soon ;) 

でも うちで練習してるだけなんでオッケー!
随分ひさしぶり!スピードとコネクション、細かい練習キャッチアップには時間がかかりそう。。 ジャンピングをあと何度か練習したら久しぶりにドッグウォーク設定してexitの練習しないとなぁ (ドッグウォークを起きっぱなしに出来るフィールドが欲しいなぁ) 
春のアジリティトライアルラッシュは9月から始まります。ニアも良い年だし、体調も凄くいいので 今年は気合いを入れて頑張りまっす!

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