Niah AF Lesson 5

Threadle, Serpentine、Pushまだアンナチュラルな動きですが、
Here is our completed version of Agility Foundation, Lesson 5!
Just a little more to master Threadle, Serpentine and Push!
I need to keep practice with 180 degrees jumps, mixing up all these 3 now! 
Silvia's comment to this video:
Wow, you sure mastered those threadles, pushes and serpentines!!! :) 
Next, you can mix them up even more, do a serpentine on first two jumps and then a push, or start with a push,
do a serpentine on 2 and then threadle in for 3. Great job with the sequence too! But maybe try somewhat earlier
front crosses, like changing hands on 4 before he takes off already so that by the time he lands, you can be all
turned and running in the next direction already. It really makes a big difference in how fast we can be on the
next place. Also, keep working on one jump and tunnel sends to get better commitment, he pulls after you really 
easily if you don’t go with him all the way.

My Response:
Thank you Silvia. Great idea! I will try to mix them up next time.
and I will keep practicing my PRE-que and body movement!!
I notice that his tunnel drive has not improved so much and he is always sensitive with my movement. 

(Weave and contact too)
So.. Do you have tip to make him excited to run into tunnel? or exercise to improve his independence? 
Is it Lesson one-two sequence?? 

Silvia's response:
Hm, maybe some more playing with straight tunnel? If Koto likes it, you could even try him chase her through to
see that it’s fun. Le didn’t drive well to tunnels either, but what helped a lot was clicking her when I saw better
speed towards the tunnel (and rewarding as she got out) AND especially training for RC with tunnels, sending
her to a tunnel first, then have her run the plank and chase her ball. Once she got the idea that plank will come
after that tunnel, she started to love that tunnel almost as much as her plank :) For independence and
commitment, rewarding with a thrown toy helps enormously too, so I would definitely work on his drive to chase
a ball too!

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