2on2off and Speed!

We did tunnel running practices last 3 days.
He is running fast when chasing Koto, even faster racing with her!
but hmm..slow and airy with me and curved tunnel.
Silvia's Comment to this video:
Cool, he sure loved the chasing Koto game! I would play some more of that and then next have Koto around but only have Niah doing the tunnel and only then working with him alone, but still just a straight tunnel first and then curving it slowly maybe. 
When you curve it significantly, you can call
Koto for help again some. My dogs love this game:

I have been trying to teach Niah stronger 2on2off understanding, tugging on position and faster release from position.
I didn’t do well with all release ques but I think he is starting to understand
what am I aiming for! 
Silvia's comment to this video:
Looks great! Another thing you can still try to get though is driving into the position more. 
I normally try with exciting them first, restraining and then racing them into the position, 
but I know he doesn’t like restraining, so try to think of another way… 
Maybe a send to a wrap first? 

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