Koto, Zeljko course 5

やっぱり久しぶりだと上手く行かない所が多いけど、琴の私の動きの読みが本当によくてDouble Blind Crossのタイミングが遅かった時の琴の動きに感動!

Long time no Agility! but here we come back again. 
Every time my dogs have agility rest, My Forced Front Cross get worth :) aaaahh
But I am so happy about how Koto is moving recently. She is reading our body signal so so well, specially my double blind cross's timing was late, she reacted perfectly. 
Made my day! 
Niah is also started to run again, but not yet perfect, he still limp here and there. 
but really looking forward to training again :) Love agility!!

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