Test driving



14th May, Saturday We were finally back to Agility trial with my own dogs!! Yes (s) believe it or not ?! Both Koto and Niah :) It's been 2 years since Koto attend trial, and 8 month since Niah's last trial. 
so it was mostly like "first test driving our repaired dogs"  

We were really pleased with Koto, she was not that stressed in trial environment and she actually jumped really nicely. There was a little mistakes, but nothing major.  
We are happy that she could jump on her height comfortably. 

Niah... wow, he was so very excited about running agility again, and he jumped beautifully, 
I had handling mistake and made it all mess but I felt he is strong and jumping nicely, however, he was again, limping after the run. 
Really don't know why. He is extremely sensitive dog, and Malcolm says it is just fatigue of the muscle.  And yes it is totally normal to be fartigue, after no exercise for such a long time, and he only limps for about 1-2 minute after the run. 
But he is still limping.... and when dog is fatigue, it is the most dangerous time to get re-injured, so I was too scared for 2nd run, scratched.  He seems really in a good condition. so it is difficult to understand why is he still limp after...

In a few days, we are leaving to go to the Agility Nationals. First time ever Nationals. 
Well, if he can't run, then don't worry!!
Let's just enjoy our holiday, meet people and enjoy our self.

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