Busy days with boxes!!

I know the year 2016 is flying by, and that it is the end of April already! 
We have full of bright colours around the town now with beautiful warm days at the moment.  

But I haven't really enjoyed much of both Summer and Autumn yet! 
It has been so busy, and so intense, physically and emotionally. 

Finally my 2nd shipment from Europe arrived last week! 

I was working all week non-stop,
unpacking, opening boxes, then carrying, re-packing, and arranging courier services. 
It is not a difficult job, but physical and I needed to concentrate work hard to deliver the order quickly. 
But it was fascinating to see very cool new agility equipments, landed in Australia land!. 

 Chute tunnel for Australia. 

 Jenny bags!
 We lived with full of boxes for 3 weeks!!  But they are mostly gone.

Transparent tunnel :) 

I am totally exhausted from carrying boxes! But Koto enjoyed inspecting all the toys with me :)  She also work hard with me. What a good helper you Koto!

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