Tunnel maddness!!

今回は60以上のトンネルが到着したんだけど これがまた随分頑丈に作ったのでワイヤーもワイヤーのカバーも頑丈、そのぶん重さも箱の大きさも前回より増したのですが、
お陰で家の中は一時的に配送前のトンネルで一杯!配送もやる事が沢山あって、結構準備に時間が掛かります。 今日までに25個ほど送り届けました。

Wow, already 12th of April!! 
I was completely sick, most likely got bad bad flu.. I stayed in Bed for whole week, It was just after my second tunnel import arrived here. what a bad timing! 
I actually suspect if virus came within tunnels hole? yes there are quite bit of air in the middle of tunnels...(haha, no, Probably not!) 

We had more than 60 tunnels this time, This time I made them with quite strong wire and fabric, means much heavier weight... oh yes, carrying around heavy and big 60 tunnels boxes when you have a flu wasn't that fun.  

About 25 tunnels are gone to interstates already, but we did had boxes everywhere in our house for couple of days :) Another 25 will leave when saddlebags arrived in one week! 
So it's not too bad!!

Anyways -   I finally started to feel like a normal today.  Still weak, but I can actually think and walk around!!   Yay! Thanks for Koto and Niah's help :)

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