Koto Zeljko 4 2nd Try, Double Blind Cross and Forced Front Cross

Zeljko wasn't happy about my FFX is back to old habit! 
Here is some of his comment to my previous video...
" We said just try to use your arm and throw her over the jump. FFX looks better then before but still sometimes, like here, you are running back and forward and then she doesn't get the cue in the right moment."   :P 

Another thing is..
"DBX, like FFX, you are a bit late with changing your arms and then before you are showing her the jump your arms are going high in the air. Try not to handle with "flying arms" because she doesn't see that :)  

Summerise for FFX and DBX
-NO Running back when you throw back. 
-STAY on first wing
-NO waiting for dog to take jump
-KEEP moving forward momentum
-NO flying arms!!

I had a giggle about flying arms! :) 
I acutally really appriciated how he can continuously pick on small details of movement to make it all improve!! He's been saying that again and again and again!!!  
I'm sure he is sick of it, but although - what a good coach :D
Thank you!!! Look Koto and I are already better after your complains!! lol

それにしても NO flying arms!!には笑ったよ。だってそんなにぶんぶん降ったつもりじゃなかったんだけどね、確かに効率悪いし、スタイリッシュじゃないよね。



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