Zeljko lesson 4 - 1st try

Never ending injury story is continuing! 
Koto torn her toenail and been limping around for one week. but it was very mild injury and she is finally back in training! phew!! 

あ、結構簡単そうじゃん!と見た瞬間は思ったけど、、琴はニアじゃないので簡単ではなかったです(笑)得にあんなに練習したForced Front Cross..なんでこうタイミングとポジションがずれてしまうのでしょうか。。 ダブルブラインドクロスも1秒遅い。

Here is our recent backyard fun with Zeljko's lesson. 
This is Koto's 4th lesson with Zeljko, but feels like we have been doing this course for ages! well, I guess it is because we always have those injury recovery period :P 

At first time I saw the course, I thought.. oh, it looks piece of cake!! 
but then realised that Koto is NOT Niah..  I practice FFX so many many times, but my position and timing are still late! Also double BX is also a second late. 
Pin wheel on #7 is wide and wide and I am always on her way... dahhh!!

BUT great thing is we have great lap turn :) I just need to wait for what Zeljko says! 

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