Niah's rehab

日に日に自分の足が強くなって来ているのを実感しています。 ニアと琴の足も強くなって来てたら良いな(いや、絶対なってるはず!!)レーザーセラピーも2週に一回に減ったし、来週からはジョギングも始められるとの事! 速くニアの足〜 よくな〜れ!
It has been already 11 weeks since Niah's PRP injury operation. 
We started Peanuts ball exercise for 2 min (sit and stand) Cavalatti for about 8 returns, 
and we have been night walking for about 1.5hours (About 6km 5days a week) 
This week we included hard hill on our walk, and did lot of swimming at the beach. 
I feel my legs are getting stronger :) Hope Niah and Koto's legs are getting stronger too!! (For sure !!) 

Lazer therapy decreased every 2 weeks now, and we will start jogging after 12 weeks. 
I really can't wait for him to start running again. He is a bit overweight now. 

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