Mt Hotham to Mt Feathertop walk

I hope you are having a easy week as we are!  I am totally relaxed after the long weekend in the mountain!  It was Labour day long weekend, (Monday was public holiday) and we finally did decent mountain walking!   

Australian National Parks are not allowed Dogs to preserve wild life, therefore we always need to stay away from the most beautiful places in Australia since we started live with dogs.   But Dean's birthday on Sunday was a great "excuse" and asked step father to look after them for the weekend,  we dropped dogs there and drove 3.5 hours to the Australian Alps.  Australian Alps runs between the border of Victoria and New South Wales and we stayed tiny little town called Harrietville, right near the ski-resort little town called Bright, close to the Victorian border.

I felt so lucky that we didn't stay at Bright, because we wanted to have quiet hide away holiday and close to the wild life.  Gosh! it's insane that Bright became so so busy and popular town, it was full of people and car!! there were so many festival and event..

Our little cottage was cozy, very convenient location, nothing was broken or uncomfortable - there was nothing really to complain. 

さて今週もあっという間に週末に近づいてきましたが、私達は比較的リラックスした一週間を過ごしています、というのも、週末本当に 久しぶりに2泊3日でナショナルパークへハイキングへいってきました。山歩きは思いっきりリラックス出来ますよね。

オーストラリアのナショナルパークはワイルドライフを守る為、犬は立ち入り禁止なので琴とニアと生活し始めてから殆どナショナルパークへいっていないのですがやはり 今回はディーンの誕生日を口実にして、ディーンの家族に犬を預かってもらうことに。
オーストラリアの本当の景色、本当に美しい場所はやっぱりナショナルパークに凝縮されています。 私達が泊まったのはBrightの近くの小さな街、Harrietville 泊まったコテージは本当に新しいし、便利だし居心地がよくて、まったく文句の付けどころがありませんでした! 

But!! we finally realised that only one road that take us to the Mt Hotham, where our mountain walk will start, was completely closed between 8am to 1pm for Bicycle race event on Sunday...
So all of our morning hiking plan needed to change to shorter in length, and later of the day, and we needed to spend Sunday morning at Bright, looking at classical Car festival ...
It was kind of fun tho.  
自転車レースだって!そしてMt. Hothamの登山口へつづく結一の一本道は

Finally the bicycle event finished and we started to hike around 1:40pm.

Here we started hiking!

360° Spectacular view!
We just walked on top of the mountain ridge, up and down - for about 5 hours. 
It was very easy walk, but view was stunning. 
So quiet
So peaceful

So much to see and engage with layers and layers of mountains. 

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