Niah Trial High lights - RC and new handlings-

I am so proud of my boy’s big effort in this year, since we have started many new things in the trial and I feel that Niah and I are grown up together as agility partner.

I think we are overcoming confident issue, motivational issues..
and my slow and clumsy handling is also improving :)

Our journey is taking a long time in many ways, and we are both not amazing to watch… 
but slowly and slowly…confident, handling and speed are improving and look at his happy face in the end of video with serious happy running!    

We hope we will have even brighter agility year in 2015.

And I strongly hope Koto will be back in Trial next year! 
We miss running agility with her so much!

今年は1年間コンタクトの再トレーニングで休んでいたアジリティに復帰して、ランニングコンタクトを始めたり、OMDJouniから習った オンラインコースのハンドリングをトライアルで使ってみたりは徐々にですが新しい事にチャレンジできた年になりました。






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