Agility at Emily's field

I had a brilliant day playing agility with friends, We had a special guest, Nina from Switzerland with her special dog Gin :)  She will be traveling Australia with her dog for one year, and she will be attending some agility trail in Australia while she is traveling around, how cool is that idea! 
And it was my very first time to meet a real PryShep :)
I've never seen them where I have lived.. Japan, Canada, and Australia! 
What a cool dog! 

Camilla met Nina at Silvia Trkman's seminar in Slovenia, and as I imagined - 
Nina's handling was amazing -  Always 5 meters in front of the dog. 
so clear, so smooth :) Loved watching her so much! 

Here are some awesome photos from Emily Irwin 
(Thank you so much Emily for amazing photos, amazing agility yard)

ジンは私の憧れの犬ピレニアンシェパード(のミックス) 今まで住んだ事のある国、日本、カナダ、オーストラリアには居なかった犬種で この犬種にずっとあってみたかったので嬉しかった!体高は46センチと琴と同じ。意外ときゃしゃで毛はふわふわ!ボーダーのインナーコートのような毛質。そして性格はやっぱりクレージーで愛嬌があって本当に可愛い。

 It was so nice to meet Nina, 
As you can imagine from this photo, 
she had such a beautiful energy+soul :)
 Gin (PryShep mix-)
 River (Smith field)
Grace (PWD)
 Badger (Niah's nephew 1)
Lu (Aussie shep) 

Handsome Nephew-2 Loki

Uncle Niah
Photos by Emily Irwin©

And here is amazing Wendy and River/Grace's agility video :) 

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