Teddy's look out - Bushwalking at Great Ocean road walk

We kept walking in the bush ... long long way-

 Then, we suddenly found weird head tilted sculptures.... 
There were 3 dead "Test drive dolls" wow, very powerful!!

We never planned to come here, but we randomly found an amazing museum/sculpture garden in the bush called Qdos.
such a lovely garden with GREAT sculptures and there are also tatami-shoji Japanese room style accomondation in the museum. 
very inspiring! Love to come back again!

 We finally got to the top of the mountain, Look out area.

 That's little white car is ours. This look out isn't that high up, but decent little climb to get a amazing ocean/forest view.
We've seen this amazing BIG bird. 
I don't know the name.. but he was very elegant, and didn't really scared of us and dogs.
End of the walk - it became Koala & kangaloo time!  
We heard Koala calling each other everywhere... but I couldn't photograph. 
There were also HUGE kangaloos hopping around the farm lands...
yes, Koto and Niah were way too excited and out of control!!! 

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