OneMind Dogs blog post! -Different Handling Ideas-

OMG!What a special morning to wake up with very nice comments on our short agility training video shared by OneMind Dogs website.
I shared this video on FB OMD group, short backyard training which is inspired by OneMind Dogs Coaches corner's handling suggestions / showing different handling option for one sequence, and Running contact in the end to finish the sequence. 
Niah was showing amazing turns and it really surprised me how great he was with this little sequence and running contact in the end! It was very exciting for us, and I don't usually like sharing our training video on FaceBook.. but after the hard one year of running contact training.. it was a moment of realizing 
"all coming together"
I am so relief.. so so proud of Niah, you are such a awesome dog! 

普段、トレーニングビデオのシェアはここのブログだけで、Facebookでのシェアはあまり好きではないのですが、汗と涙のランニングコンタクトが随分出来上がって来たなーっ!と思えた瞬間だったし、ニア君、凄ーくいい動きだったので ついついシェアしたのですが、なんだか今までの苦労が認められた感。。。


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