Backside to backside jumps

We have been quite active with short jumping exercises these days!
We did backside to backside jump practice from agility nerd to understand alternative handling options, and wow! endless options. We have to immediately know what handling is the most suitable for our dogs during "course walking"
Its very good to test those skills!!!
- Thanks Julia (our school instructor) for pointing out this exercises! 

This day, he wasn't that motivated at first.. but it does looks the best/fastest on no.6
Difference between 5 and 6 are Handler walk back of the jump to lead Forced Front cross in static position or Handler running to back side of jump to do Forced Front cross..
And as I was guessed, 3 was the worst.. because I am static and waiting for him to come to jump..
4's Blind cross +Push was good too but I needed to position myself right next to the wing jump after the lap, so that he didn't make that wide pass after the lap. 
And no.1, the classic front cross+push was the most smooth pass, but definitely not fastest with Niah. I didn't do much with Koto, because we still don't want to too much tight turns with her..But she was great with this one;)

どのハンドリングが一番自分の犬に合っているかを あの短いウォーキングの間に考えるのはとても大切な事。

私が一番”動いている” 6番のForced Front Cross, Push, Lap turn が速かったのではと思います。5と6の違いはトンネルに送ってからの私の動き。6のほうがトンネルから出て来た時に私がかなり先に居て、しかも走っている!それを見たニアはスピードを付けて走ってくれています。でもLap turnは私の位置が悪く、ニアをかなり大きく旋回させていますが。。4番のブラインドもいいですね。



琴ともトライしてみました! ジャンプの高さがまだ300なので何とも言えませんが、
琴もForced Front Cross が一番速かった!

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