Excellent Jumping Journey, 2013

It has been nearly one year since we have received first clear run in Excellent Jumping at Warrnambool trial in March, 2013.
We needs 5 passes to get Ex Jumping title and go up to Master level. 
but it's already one year!!!
I thought it is great chance to look back and think what was causing all those errors, misunderstanding and disconnections..

1. Emotionally, I have been giving up about getting a pass or thinking of winning because of he knocks bars and very sensitive to my handling mistakes. 

2. Physically, I was always too conscious about he will knock the bar when I run too fast or doing rear cross.. 

3. Disconnection was, Tunnel Entry! The most difficult thing was to connect with him when he look at the tunnel entry right infront of his face and get his focus out of it to me.
We lost so many passes from getting into wrong side of the tunnel. 

4. Mentally, I was always conscious about making mistake with my verbal cues.
So Watching most of the runs from the last year, My shoulder/chest are not giving much
information to him. I was relaying on Verbal cues and my force movements.

But! since I started think of chest, toe, shoulder and being far ahead of him to give him more clear information, He started running much much better. It was just really excited to run with him last weenend's trial.  He was faster than some of the very fast 600 Border Collie, and my school's instructor, who has 10 years of agility experience, and very fast border collie! 
Some of the very good handlers came up to me and said, 
"I've never seen Niah running that fast!" 
How exciting to hear that!?

One more pass to go! but before I think of that, I just wanted to review
his Excellent Jumping journey so I know what I have been doing and what was really good about him! 
We can't wait to start Masters soon with him, 
and I think we are ready for it ;)

去年の3月に初のExcellent Jumpingのクリアランからかれこれ1年!
Excellent Jumpingはパスが5つでmasterクラスへと上がれるのですが、

1. 私の動きに過剰に敏感でバーを良く落とすので、パスする事を諦めていた
2. レアクロス、それに私が速く走りすぎるとバーを落とす事が判明し、それから私が躊躇するようになる。
3. トンネルエントリー。トンネルが目の前にあると吸い込まれる様にどぼんと入って行く。。まるで私のコマンドは届かない(見ていない)
4. バーバールを間違えるのではとはらはらしながら走っている。


色々と良い復習が出来ました。そろそろマスターで始められる?よね ニア

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