1 Week of Re-Socilization -Focus and Impulse control-

"Developing Focus & Impulse Control"
Look at thatゲームをしたり、走っている犬の隣でフリスビーで遊んだり、
リアクトする前にきもちを 落ち着かせるなどといったシンプルな事から
さんざんで考えてみたら 殆どアジリティは出来ていませんでした。
リアクティブになってしまうのも仕方なかったのかな。 もともとパピーの頃からリアクティブだったですし!
でも 今晩の琴は結構いい集中力だったし、ディーンも
しっかりと琴とコネクションを作って 二人ともとても楽しそうにしていました!
なにはともあれ、とにかくアジに復帰できて 本当に本当によかった〜。。

この2ヶ月2日に一回やってきたリハビリのビデオ が沢山あったので
So.. First week with Koto's retraining. 
We simply start with clicker training with lots of look at that game to develop
focus and impulse control.
Tonight we were back in agility training, just to do some clicker training for Koto and 
have fun running near the dogs, running agility. 
We just realized that we haven't took her to agility for nearly 6 month. 
wow! Dean was injured for a long time and then Koto started to limp. 
2013 was surely bad year for both of them. 
And that was one of the reason why her reactive/sensitivity became worth and started to show
stronger dog aggression. She was very isolated from dogs.. 
Anyways, Tonight session was actually great! 
She react at some dogs the beginning,  to the dog weaving, or running on course but 
Dean did build good bond with her with frisbee and treats and constant circle works and she was focused on him so so well!

We are not going to let her jump yet.. just lowest bar and tunnels to build up, but really happy that she IS back in agility!! REALLY HAPPY :)

here is a video of some daily exercises that we have been doing the last 2 month. 
We also did peanut ball exercises and lot more. 

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