Tassie-Day 1: Spirit of Tasmania dog kennel-

I never expected this trip will be this amazing!! We have been here in tasmania for one week now and I'm in love with every moment, everywhere every place we go- truly beautiful and spectacular landscapes.

Day 1: I was a little emotional and worried if Koto and Niah will be okay at spirit of Tasmania (ferry)'s kennel. But Kennel was really clean and had a lots of ventilation and lights. They were barking and howling for awhile but got very quiet soon :) 
Ferry took about 12 hrs from North Melbourne port but was smooth and I didn't get much sea sickness! Unfortunately, we were lined in the end of que to get out of ferry, the last car who could get out of the quarantine, which made us to wait for over one hour.. it was a bit painful!

タスマニア1日目はフェリー12時間 。揺れる事もあまりなくスムーズな船の旅でした。でも12時間の間,犬達は大丈夫か凄く気掛かりだったのですがケンネルは清潔で十分な水もあるしと空気が通る場所に設置されていたので安心出来ました。もちろん二匹は初めはかなり吠えたり遠吠えしてましたがすぐにおさまりました^_^

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