Running Contact 1st step

After studying how is your dogs run in full speed and knowing stride length.
we moved to running on carpet.
It is to teach behavior of running full speed on different surface. 
Start right in front of the carpet and then move dog's start line
farther and farther to get more speed and hind leg separation!
頭の動き、ストライドの長さ、足の動きをしっかり 研究したら

Silvia's comment for those video:
Looks great, no leaps! Did you try speedier approaches too? 
I think you need more starting speed, especially for Niah. 
He has much better separation and reach as that and would be 
much deeper in if you started him farther back. Maybe start with 
a tunnel or a wrap? With Koto, you got really nice hits and good 
separation, but she still had much more separation in the running video.

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