Finally meeting Gabi and Bono

I met Gabi (on internet world) at Silvia Trkman's very online course, back in 2011. 
It was Silvia's first puppy class and I attend with lanky and gentle 8 month old puppy Niah. 
He was easy and gentle puppy, but he lived in his own world, it was somewhat difficult to make him excited about anything. 
I surely had not much experience on how to train dogs, and of cause not at all in Agility training.  I was hopping around obedience school to number of different agility schools, but never found good school in Melbourne.  Agility school was almost painful experience to deal with Koto's craziness.  This class has changed my life with dogs and end up taking almost all the classes with Silvia offered online and Gabi was always there :)  

I did trick training every day with both of my dogs, I was always excited to do homework, video editing daily basis took some times and we had some frustration as well, but always made us happy to read feedback from Silvia and classmates. Dean and I learn everything about dogs and I still sometimes go back to the classroom and read though people's comments when I have some foundation problems. 
(Thank you to Silvia who generously left this classroom open for the students who took this class to be able to re-visit.)
It was fantastic class, because we could interact each other with other students by leaving a comment to each other videos.  I would say I actually learn from just watching other student's work and Silvia's comments to all students.  When teacher is happy and enthusiastic to teach, then students gets more enthusiastic and happy.  It was true force free and happy class - not only made dogs happy, but students were also very happy.

Gabi was always very positive and passionate about training dogs, always picked up other student's great point, always left happy and positive comments including my long and a bit boring clicker training videos. :)  Her comments supported most of the classmate to stay positive and I was surely one of them! 

I told her that we are coming to Europe, and asked her if there is any chance if could meet her and Bono, and she kindly offer me to train with her dog Bono. ❤  Then she invited Dean and I to stay at her place, set up to do private lesson with Zeljko, visiting Silvia's Lolabu land, and that was sounds more than just AMAZING.. but not only that... She took us to the agility competition in Slovenia where my agility starts are competing... on top of that, she served us absolutely delicious breakfast every morning,  took us to the market, her agility training field and let me run with Bono,  took us to the dinner and sight seeing in most beautiful Italian alps with her husband Robert, and Finally having a breakfast with her family was really great. 

We were HAPPY!!! and HAPPY every moment. 

She was exactly like a person who I know from the internet world,
We could really relaxed and felt like I knew her for long time..   It is not easy to find a word to thank her... It almost made me cry couple of times from pleasure and her kindness

As she has very positive thinking, her dogs Bono and Big Apple are absolutely gorgeous happy dogs. I learn so much just hanging out with Gabi, watching how she interact with her dogs.  She really has wonderful life, beautiful family and happy dogs :)
Dean and I are Inspired!!!  

THANK YOU so much Gabi for amazing hospitality, we really had an incredible experience.  It was a life time experience to us, We sure will remember every single moment with her in beautiful Klagenfurt, Austria.

And I need to thank you to Silvia who is the most respectable coach, dog trainer, generous person who made my dream come true.

We rent a car from Venice - started drive opposite side of the road :) Scary and exciting!
on the way to Austria, we saw beautiful layers of mountains, made us very high!! 

 Gabi's training field ❤
Most handsome Big Apple ❤
 Gabi and Funny Bono
Good boy Bono!!

❤❤❤ THANK YOU Gabi ❤❤❤
Hiking with beautiful friend and dogs, what can be better than this ?! :D


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