Dolomite Hiking 2nd Day

We stayed at Refugio Prato Piazza at 1st night.
The food, room, staff, everything was so, so...BUT the location was the best!!
absolutely love this area.  We got up early to start early walk - but after about 1 hour walk started, we finally realised that one of the track (no.2 Track) we wanted to go through is closed due to the land slide..

We lost about 1.5 hours to realise this.
Then - we took bus to drove down the mountain to get to another road.  This took about 1.5 hours.  so we end up lost our very important 3 hours of walking time in the morning.

 Hiking Start!

But.. our planned track was closed.  Very disappointing.
This is the landslide above the No.2 track.
We could hear the continuous rock sliding sounds... Lucky we realised and went back.

After loosing morning 3 hours, we tried to catch up to our plan, so just kept on climbing for about 2 hours. very steep and long climb, and we had a best little rest at refugio.  Surprisingly the food is incredibly delicious and not too expensive.

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