Europe Middle report

The trip in Europe is divided into 4 parts.
1st week was Milan and Venice to wonder the city and visit exhibitions and museums. We had the very best time visiting triennale, archtecture viennale, escher exhibition, etc. 

2nd part is rent a car and go to visit Gabi in Austria, and maybe visit Zeljko in Croatia for private training or Silvia in Slovenia. Gabi is my agility online class friend, who took the same classes with Silvia and Zeljko, and she helped me to organise meeting with my virtual agility teachers. 
They are teachers but also my heros :) so i could not say enough thank you enough when I see Silvia in person. 

3rd part is hiking in italian side of Dolomites. 
This has been our dream to hike in ver high altitude italian alps for long time. 

Now we are already in 3rd part, hiking in amazing Dolomite! 
And I finally have internet connection here :) dolomite is simply amazing. 

1st and 2nd part has too much to write, but We had a most amazing time with Gabi, visiting Silvia's home and visiting Slovenian agility competition was absolutely inspiring and super interesting exerience. 

I just recieved very touching, sweet and happy message from Sweden.  
It is very happy for me to hear there is someone actually visiting my blog:) 
Made me to motivate to share my amazing journy!  
I will try to update my journey :) 
Thank you Maria! 

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