The Nationals 1-3 days.

The Nationals officially started on Wednesday, and we needed check in on Tuesday, 
it is nearly a week of agility while you are camping or staying in this area. 
We thought our dogs are not fit enough to do agility for 5 days, in fact they are just came back from injury and not enough muscle to support their strength. 
On Wednesday was pretty crappy weather and we just stayed in Bed and totally relaxed at beach walk! We also did shopping not in lush, then finally drove to the Wirrina cove! 

The location was spectacular, it was more than I was expected, surrounded by nature and ocean, such a pretty area to do agility while you are camping in the cove! 
We put up our tent, cooked dinner properly, eat well -  then finally ready for the event! 

Thursday was beautiful day, and both Koto and Niah were looking good at Jumping. 
Niah had unfortunate 1 bar,  but Koto was lucky enough to get to the 9th!!! and qualified for the final!! woo hoo!! 

Unfortunately, Niah had a terrible experience at the practice area's see saw, it was bad see saw and made huge bang noise, he freaked out and decided to continued to freak out on his favorite Dog Walk as well :( it was hardbreaking that he couldn't even stand at Dog walk. I scratched from every agility event. it was sad..

Friday, we had massive storm!! so event was cancelled!! well, I thought it was great decision, dog's safety is the most important and saving the ground for the weekend was very good idea!!

あまりいい天気ではなかったし、朝ゆっくりベットでごろごとおもいっきりゆっくり休んだあと、ビーチに行ったりのんびり買物をしてからいざ会場のWirrina Coveへ!

木 曜日のジャンピングはとってもいい調子!JDM(ジャンピングドックマスター、3度?)の出場犬数が190頭ほどだったので、3日間で3回あるジャンピン グで上位9匹までに入ったペアががファイナルへ進めるという仕組み。ニアと私はあいにくの1barでファイナル件は貰えず。。

こ の日 アジリティ出走前に練習エリアでニアとシーソーの練習をしていたら、雨で滑ってしまい、ちょっと壊れかけのシーソーがかなり大きな音をたてたので、 本当にビビってしまい、、、なんと、ニアくんシーソーにも大好きなドッグウォークにもまったく登らなくなってしまった。。
夕方 もう一度練習エリアでシーソーとドッグウォークをクリッカーとディナーボールを持って練習した所、更に恐怖が悪化していたので、練習終了、残念だけど、全てのアジリティ競技を辞退しました。



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