My adventure in 2015

wow, again, Its been awhile since I update my blog!!

Where to start..
Well, I have been very busy with making my new little venture website and
getting ready for the business since we are back from Japan trip and
I just started my agility equipment business called TRIPPE :D

Facebook page: 

As I wrote here before, I was looking for durable tunnel- then asked few factory to make it.
I am specifying all the materials, and making it in a overseas factory.  
This blue tunnel is our 3rd Sample that made up!  
We felt that finally I've got a sample that we satisfied with!
So we decided to make 50 in our final design and import here to test how people will like it.

This fabulous homepage drawings are my sister's painting. 
I just LOVE this home page dog, Araki-san dog, called Pisco's expression so much! 

Here is Video of amazing Pisco, winning 2014 WAO gambler :D 

I personally think Pisco is so similar to Niah.
Pisco looks  "Dog with efficiency":D 

For now, I am only selling Dog agility tunnel and tunnel bags, but in the future,
I would like to import more agility equipment from overseas. 
  On the other hand, I haven't gave up with my Interior Designer career search.

It has been the most difficult time to find the Junior/Graduate position that really suits me and industry has been so quiet and not much happening.

But suddenly -
Interior Design industy is back!!!

So many jobs listed EVERYDAY for Junior and Graduate Interior Designer!
oh my goodness! I am excited, and I have been busy getting ready for job interview and organizing myself :D 

Hope all goes well, and I will be back in working woman!  

大学で6年、それに1.5年の職務経験もあるのに なかなかインテリアデザイナーの仕事が
見つからなかったので 去年から 時間がある時は
デザイナーとして 自分の好きな事を”デザイン”するトレーニングを積もうとおもい

トリッペTRIPPE のホームページ TRIPPE
homeページの 絵は姉の PurpleForestが描いた荒木さんのピスコの絵。
"A dog with efficiency!" 荒木サンとピスコペアー大好きです

商品を作ったり販売したりする事、全てが初めてで 色々と大変そうだけど、なかなか良い経験だし
これが凄くいい走り出しに繋がって、いつか 日本の家具なんかをオーストラリアに
輸入して、インテリアデザインに使えたら 最高だな〜

毎日どんどん 私にもできそうな求人がでてきました。!
インテリアデザインは一生やって行きたいので諦めずに 面接がんばります:D

思いっきり好きな事をして 沢山働いて 忙しい充実した日が来ますように! 

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