OMD handling, FFX to Reverse spin!

The last competition, we had a special guest from Finnland, OneMindDogs funder couple, Matti and Taina :) They were visiting their friend in Gippsland, and wanted to see Agility trial before they back home.

I show them around K9 trial! wow! what a great inspiring night. 
I had a great chat about Finnish agility and OMD methology and they even taught me some handling tip/option at out side of the ring :) (Well, I asked them...) They really enjoyed watching Trial, and thanks god! The course was nice. 
I did try new moves and got Master Agility run, followed by Matti's advice.
I made a short video of what they taught me! So much attention to the details to make nicest dog's line.  I just love it!  Please come back to Australia again!


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