Paradise Valley Camping -Dog friendly caravan park with river-

After having a nearly Autum temparature week, We finally had summer back in the weekend! It was exciting since I was feeling so cold in the night for one week!!  We decided to go for one day camping for fresh water swimming near Glenmaggie lake in Gippsland.  We camped right next to the valley and river, and enjoyed jumping in the water, cooking under the Sky, Sunset and Stars.

This camp site was called Paradise Valley, which has a HUGE area that dogs can run around freely and swim in the river, we could camp anywhere along the river and valley, There were few caravans and campers but not busy at all.  It was a caravan park so it wasn’t free bush camping, but I appreciated very thick and healthy green grass everywhere (we don’t see that anymore in Melbourne, its too dry and nearly dead brown grass everywhere) with very clean area. There were not many trees and didn’t see much wild life but there was nothing to complain! About $15 per night/per site, Not bad at all!!

We had a great weekend with dogs!   We should more often come to river and lake camping!

先週は秋が来たのかと思う程涼しい日が一週間も続いたのですが、金曜から一気に35℃を越え、また暑くなったので、 川や湖で泳げる場所の近くにいきたくなり、ギプスランドのパラダイスバレーという川のあるキャラバンパークへ土日出かけてきました。



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