Feed back from Jouni no.1:)

1-8  & 18- 22 Course
8 - 17 Course
すごく細かく詳しい説明をして頂いて大感激 :)

Jouni sent me a very first comment to my practice video with Niah! 
It was such a good comment :) 
What I really need to practice are
1: My position on course and think of dog's line
2: Connection / Trust my dog (Retain Eye contact to re-connection)
4: Accurate timing to move my body
5: Speed and accuracy (Run!! and be where I should be) 
I really liked how he explained to me in detail, position, timing, how to improve it, how to connect with dog and explaining what is not suitable/and suitable.   
I love it!!  :) 
but hmm... Rain Rain Rain here.. Looks like we can't really train agility for awhile. 

And here is Jouni's comment
Thank you for your first video! Wow what a nice run!
Really great start with a nice turn at number 2 and a good acceleration after. Also the push & pull at number 4 very good but you could have send Niah to the push back a little bit earlier and then arrive earlier to the ketschker number 5.

The ketschker at number 5 is a bit late. Niah is already jumping and you haven´t really turned your body towards her. After this you have to spin around quickly in order to finish the move in time and continue towards the next obstacle. The same applies to jump number 7. You can start turning your upper body towards her already sooner when she is approaching the jump. This way you are already "half the way" finished with the ketschker as she takes off and you don´t have to spin as much as you do now. So you buy yourself more time by starting the movement earlier - the dog will know sooner that you want her to turn and you can quicker continue towards the next obstacle.

Again the push back number 8 very nice - I really like her jumping technique in the push backs like when you do the german at jump number 11 and 16. The german turn is faster at jump number 11. First of all she is very fast round the wing and jumps early. Second you got a wide turn after jump number 10 (the one instead of the weaves) when you did a blind cross after the layering. Your blind cross here is mistimed. If you pause the film when she lands from jump number 10 you can see that you haven´t even started the cross. She should know about the turn before taking off not when landing. In this situation I would recommend that you do a front cross instead of the blind cross. By doing a front cross you can tell about the turn earlier - change of tempo and turning your upper body towards her. Even if you use vocal cues for turns like this you should still do the front cross so that your vocals wont contradict your body signals. Blind cross better suites more straight forward lines.

When you do the layering you should try to move parallel to the dog´s path and not away from it as you do now. So what´s important here is your own position when the dog commits to the jump. Now you are too close to the far wing of the jump and you have to start running round the tunnel and change your own direction. From this position it would be more natural to continue running on the same side of the tunnel with the dog.

The ending is great! What a trust at jump number 20 when you do the blind cross and again she jumps great. But you can try to retain eye contact a bit earlier ;) She hit the wing at jump number 21. What you can try here is changing your own position more to the left (if you look at the video). So if you do the ketschker at jump number 21 don´t move so much behind the jump but stay between jumps 20 and 21 (when looking from the angle you have been filming).

All in all I think you did great but you can improve your timing (especially the ketschkers) as well as your positioning on the course (when you do the layering after jump number 14 and in the end when you do the ketschker in the push back situation).

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