Koto had operation today

It was emotional day. Koto had a tumor removal operation. I notice that she has about 2.5cm size hard ramp on her neck a week ago. It suddenly happen and it looked growing fast. vet said we should remove ASAP and tested. I thought operation will be quick one but it was difficult one. They couldn't remove all tumor because it was growing under the nerve system. Tumor was like a hard tissue. Vet doesn't think it's cancer but needs to test. It will takes 5 days to get result back.
She is back home now but pretty bad shape. She is going back to the vet on Thursday to take out fluid tubes. Hope she can sleep well and have decent rest.
I'm so worried about her :(
Poor little one, she didn't have any pain for this tumor so she looks very confused about this sudden big operation.
Me too.. Totally not expected.. Really sad but just need to help her to recover and believe this was the right decision.
Hang in there koto!
琴のビッコでvet につれていったのが2週間前、そして先週琴の首に何か違和感感じ、その3日後にその出来物が大きくなった事に気づき又病院へ。早めに摘出しましょうとなり今朝手術をしてきました。

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