Titan Arum

(picture from http://www.facebook.com/sinikkafloraldesign) 
Royal Botanical Garden's Glass House had most interesting/stunning flower ever. 
It's called "titan arum" from Indonesian jungle.
It took 7 years to make it bloom flower, Approx 2.5 meters high!
it's huge~
10,000 people went over there to see it before it dies. It only last 2 days.
Apparently Titan flower has very strong -Not presant smell - Some people were describing 
dead-animal smell--- wow! 
I miss seeing it but would be Great to see it! 
メルボルンのボタニカルガーデンに7年越しで育てた花が クリスマスの日に開花した
だそうです。 7年に一度しか花が咲かず、しかも2日で枯れてしまいます。
花には 強烈な腐臭がするらしく死体花や

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