Dolomite Hiking 3-4th day

2nd day became almost too long and we were extremely tired, We also learn the lesson that we need to keep up our walking tempo more faster. 

We've stopped almost every refugio for refreshment, and been taking photos every time the scenery changes (Yes! I have a typical Japanese soul) But at least I have amazing photograph that I can remember these magnificent moment, and I saw this absolutely beautiful moon from our accommodation's balcony.  
We stayed Munt de sennes refugio.  Staff was very nice, nice food, stunning location and we just needed to sleep there!!

3rd day - we needed to walk through the enormously large and quiet filed.  The field took us to the large stone/rocky mountain's valleys, we climb down the rocky mountain to get to our next destination, next to the lake. 

Walking down the lime stone, rocky track was very difficult and made me feel scared.  Small pebble are very slippery and I needed to concentrate on every steps.  
Being cautious made my walking speed so slow again, so again it took much longer than we aimed for but after 5 hours walk, we finally came down and had a homemade sausage and vegetable soup at the Refugio. 

Finally found the lake. Simply stunning and so rewarding. 
What a lucky cows, who lives here. 


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